Range: Self
Usage: Unlimited
Duration: 1 turn/level
Resistance:  None

Effect: You become a mist, floating dust, drifting smoke, fog, suffocating cloud or some other substance that can be ignored and may slip through cracks. Works as stealth. You may partially materialize or partially dematerialize with a successful roll. You may Drift at ½ MOV while in this state and seep through cracks large enough to let a draft through at ½ Drift rate. You cannot be struck by non-magical items, but you are subject to being recognized through a detection spell or they may notice unusual movement from your drifting form. Choose your form and density when casting the spell. Immunity to fire. Susceptible to being blown by wind speed vs ½ STR. When the effect ends, you must fully rematerialize. Canceling the effect is a free action requiring no roll.

The GM may choose to make this possible as part of Transform instead.