Range: Self
Usage: Unlimited
Duration: Instant
Resistance:  None

Effect: Storage allows you to store a number of portable packages (Not too heavy to carry) in an alternate dimension or other location equal to your skill level. You may store a number of items as a single package up to your skill level. Thus, at 1st level you may only store 1 item, while at 6th level, you may store a total of 36 items in 6 packages. You may conjure those items at any time. Storing and conjuring are separate actions. You may equip items automatically as long as you store them while equipped. Whatever body part they were equipped to before storage is the body part they will return to when conjured. You cannot conjure a package if any of its items cannot be conjured due to the equip slot already being occupied. In order for Armor to be stored as a single item, all of its components must be physically bound to each other somehow.