Drop Horror

Drop Horror (Rank 1)
STR: 65 .... BP: 30
DEX: 05 .... INIT: 1
LOG: 25 .... DR: 5
WIL: 50 .... MOV: 3

  • Digestive Acid - duration continuous, resist contested STR check to break free, effect 2D acid damage and immobilized.
  • Rugged - Piercing attacks such as arrows and bludgeon attacks such as clubs cause half damage. Slashing weapons cause full damage.
  • Summon – 60%, attract 1D drop horrors when first emit digestive acid.

Drop Horrors are amorphous blobs of rubbery flesh 4 to 6 feet across and one-half to one foot thick. They thrive in cave systems both damp and dry and have been found in abandoned buildings or along mountain passes with deep crevices.

Wise explorers know they are harmless from a distance, however when a full grown 300lbs weight secreting digestive acid falls on you it’s only a matter of seconds before you start screaming in agony in horror that you’ll be digested, alive.

Thousands of miniature legs in addition to its amorphous shape changing ability allow the drop horror to move very slowly along ceilings using its “legs”. It can move faster when secured to a ceiling by releasing one side and letting gravity swing it like a monkey swinging from vine to vine.

Drop Horrors can sense air current changes, heat sources and vibrations through rock and soil. When prey is directly underneath they drop from the ceiling, envelope their victim and secrete a digestive acid. Gillian Stiffoot a female Halfling scout recently sent reports of drop horrors that lie wait on the ground for prey to walk on them. They tend to be smaller and quicker than the larger adults.

Drop Horrors acid will attract other drop horrors. There is a 60% chance each turn the smell of the digestive acid will attract 1D drop horrors from the surrounding area.

Drop Horrors secret an acid that breaks down their food allowing their skin to absorb the nutrients. The acid will eat leather, and corrode most metals. They do not have a stomach; however they have a simple nervous system, a heart and veins. Each piercing attack (arrows, spears, sword ends) there is a 05% chance the heart was pierced causing immediate death. Note that a character trapped underneath a dead drop horror will still suffer acid damage.

Game Option
As mentioned above, drop horror acid corrodes most metals and eats through leather. Consider reducing the DR of affected armor as you see fit. Creative players might consider taking hides back to town and fashioning armor that not only has DR5 (the drop horror’s natural DR) but also prevents acid damage.