Troödon (my Sleestak hack for BBF)

Name: Troödon Rank: 2 Nature: Evil
STR: 65(55)* BP: 33(27)*
DEX: 60(50)* DR: 2 (natural)
LOG: 45(70)* INIT: 1
WIL: 45(55)* MOV: 5
Travel: 8 leagues

o By weapon: 60%, usually a primitive spear (1D+6) or crossbow (2D)
o Aversion to sunlight: exposure to daylight (direct or by spell) causes creature to be slowed and fatigued.
o Infravision: range 12; sight using heat signatures in the infra-red spectrum when light is not present.
o Limited Telepathy*: 45%; range 10; through concentration, can project thoughts into subject’s mind for communication/detect thoughts of others.

Note: stats marked with an * indicate those used for a Troödon "throwback" that has escaped sacrifice.

Troödon (TROH-a-don) are devolved, green humanoids with both reptilian and insect-like features. They have scaly yellow-green skin with frills around the neck, bulbous multi-faceted eyes, stumpy tails, and a single blunt horn on top of the head. They also possess three pincer-like fingers on each hand (one of which is partially opposed); semi-manipulative and able to grasp and hold objects with relative ease. Troödon often communicate with a whispered "hissing" sound that rarely deviates in tone or characteristics.

The Troödon are accomplished in the arts of building, forging, and hunting. Troödon are able to manufacture simple Neolithic weapons such as basalt daggers, spears capped with serrated flint, and crossbows capable of firing crystal tipped bolts, and readily fashion strong lassos and nets made from vines and other climbing plants. Troödon are typically equipped with a spear, crossbow and a quiver full of bolts which hang from their waist.

Troödon live in the Lost City of Sleestk, an underground tunnel complex originally constructed by their ancestors. They hate bright light and rarely venture out into the daylight. Troödon also have a "hibernation season" during which they cocoon themselves into rocky alcoves using some sort of webbing. Cool air keeps them in hibernation, and the heat from lava in a pool dubbed "Enik's Cauldron" inside the caverns of the Lost City revives them again on a regular schedule. The Troödon are very defensive of the Lost City. They know that their ancestors built it, but do not know how or why. They have occasionally tried exploring beyond the chasm that separates the Lost City from the rest of the world, but their expeditions generally do not return; they consider the City to be their only refuge. The Troödon have often encountered many humans searching for fame and fortune and regard them as a terrible threat. If encountered, Troödon attempt to capture and sacrifice humans to their god (an unseen beast who dwells in the “Enik's Cauldron ") at every opportunity.

The Troödon have a high reproductive rate and are able to lay a large number of eggs. Troödon eggs are gestated in a communal hatchery managed by the females. The Troödon capture live animals and tie them up there, leaving them for the young to feed on when they hatch. Occasionally, a Troödon will be hatched that is a "throwback" to their ancestors, being born with greater intelligence, smaller stature, and some rudimentary form of telepathy as well. The other Troödon regard these throwbacks as a threat, and so they are also sacrificed to the Troödon god when detected.

The Troödon are governed by both a Council of Five and a Leader. The Leader wears a distinctive pendant denoting his rank and is chosen by his peers from within the Council. Both the Council and the Leader have been known to become adept spellcasters focusing on the areas of divination, illusion, and summoning (spirits, earth elementals). The Council often consults the "Library of Skulls" where a number of skulls belonging to their earliest ancestors, still quite intelligent and capable of speech, are able to communicate with them and dispense guidance.

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Name: Bogwump (aka frog-folk, croakers, wumpers)

STR: 55 BP: 27 Rank: 2
DEX: 60 DR: 2 (natural) Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 INIT: 1
WIL: 30 MOV: 4 (Jump 6, Swim 10) Travel: 10 leagues

  • By Weapon: 50%, usually a primitive spear (1D+8) or stone axe (1D+3)
  • Amphibian: duration continuous; effect move while underwater (10 spaces, 2D+4 turns), take double damage from fire and heat-based attacks
    Bogwumps are known to be rapid swimmers, able to move freely in marshes or ponds. On solid ground they lope about in an ungainly, crouched manner. They can also remain submerged for extended periods. Likewise, due to their aquatic nature, they take additional damage from all types and forms of attacks made with fire.
  • Hop attack: 65% (melee); range 3 (15’ jump); usage 1/3 turns; effect +1D to piercing weapon damage (doubled on a critical hit)
    Bogwumps have developed a strategy by way of a leaping attack (jumping at least 15? into a melee attack) while armed with a pierced weapon to increase the wound damage to their adversaries. This is only form of move/action to be taken during its turn.
  • Camouflage: 60% or 80% (see text); usage 1/Encounter, resist LOG; effect surprise, or stealthy attack (+5 to hit and damage)
    All Bogwumps possess an innate chameleon-like ability to alter their skin-coloration, thus blending effortlessly into their swampy environment or attacking from concealment. Because of this ability, they have a 60% to remain unseen and unheard allowing them to surprise characters actively on the watch for them. Against less vigilant adventurers, the chance of surprise is increased to 80%.
  • Tongue Attack: 50%; range (a PC or target within 1 space); usage single attack/turn, resist STR (for Disarm) or DEX (for Trip); effect non-lethal damage (1D/2), the bogwump targets something that is carried or attempts to trip the opponent (knocked prone).
    Bogwumps often utilize their powerful retractable tongues in melee combat against opponents within a 5 foot range. In addition to non-lethal damage, a bogwump may attempt to either disarm or trip the opponent upon a successful single melee attack roll.

Bogwumps are a savagely violent, amphibious race of swamp loving bipedal humanoid/frog creatures. Varying in height ranging from 4’5” to just under six feet, they typically weigh 75 – 115 lbs. Their faces resemble those of gigantic frogs, having wide mouths as well as large, bulbous yellowish eyes; their feet and hands are webbed. They are covered with smooth, blotchy olive green hide that is reasonably durable; though they must periodically dampen their rubbery skin to maintain its resilience. Bogwumps are extremely territorial, and will attack anyone who trespasses with reckless tenacity.

Environment and Equipment
Bogwumps dwell in large wet regions such as primal rainforests, marshes, dank caves, or other ruinous locations that are out of the direct sun and have an abundance of water in close proximity. These filthy, mucky froglike monsters have rudimentary “croaky” speech, live in crude waddle and daub shanties, and often wear little to no clothing in their natural environment. While most adult bogwumps use primitive weapons, armor, and shields made of materials such as stone, wood, vine and bone (tarnished/scavenged metals if they are available), young, untrained bogwumps are scarcely able to wield a stone spear or club and often flee interlopers.

Social Structure
Bogwumps commonly align themselves into loosely-organized “tribes” that are fairly mobile, collaborating for the purpose of hunting and survival. Adept predators and fishermen, as well as accomplished in the use and assembly of snares and nets, these tribes are usually led by at least one large individual, sometimes a tribal shaman or great warrior-chief. Males are the dominant sex, even though one-half of any tribe is generally comprised of females (existing only to breed) and their young. Members within the same tribe scarcely fight each other, the exception being when establishing a new tribal leader. Time and again, stronger tribes make war on less advanced tribes; fighting over disagreements over territorial boundaries, favored hunting grounds, or generally just out of pure abhorrence. Since most bogwumps are characteristically savage and plunderers of the foulest sort, they frequently work for powerful chaotic masters of other diabolical races… and willingly raid nearby human settlements, out of sheer malice, eating their captives alive.