Creatures of O'orth

For creature size categories, see Size Categories and Super Powers.

Though the creatures found here are standardized, feel free to modify stats for variation and distinction of one creature among a type and another of that type.

Mooglie (Humanoid)

Massive, lumbering blue hulks with low intelligence and passive dispositions. They make their home in the Valley of the Mooglies. Though not disposed to violence, they will fight if they have to. Though not highly intelligent, their childlike and detached dispositions give them profound, if fleeting, insight. They don't understand why spoilies hate them or what they are.
Size: Massive
STR: 75 BP: 1900 (19 x 100) Rank: 6
DEX: 40 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral (Non-magical)
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 75 MOV: 60 Travel: 5 leagues
ยป Slam - 65%, damage 3D(x100 vs. Medium size creatures)
Tactics: Uses its fist to crush its opponents and remove obstacles.
Note: Massive creatures get -40 to hit against medium creatures.