I'm in love with science fiction, and with 80's style of role-playing. Is that a crime? If so, I'm guilty. Does it make me an old relic? I don't think so. I talk to many and hear the same things (and there exists a whole host of projects to revive old game systems all over the web).

So here I am wanting to make a new role-playing game. I feel like the mechanics are mostly worked out - though there still remains a lot of things to still be worked out. I am leaning on inspiration from great games which have special places in my memories of my youth: TSR's Star Frontiers, GDW's Traveller, FASA's Star Trek, and more. But before I publish what we have, I want to consider what exactly I'm hoping to give the gaming community... then make sure I'm delivering it. I want to try to recapture some elements that give me all these great memories... to build a foundation of fun in a genre poorly represented in today's games.»Read more