The Girdle of Bones

The Girdle of Bones, much in the same was the Necklace has, had seen its share of wearers. Constantly trading hands and appearing on battlefields, the Girdle is known to be a sign of tides turning.
The Girdle is made out of a single long and wide strip of cured leather and has bones attached to it all around using magical resin. The bones are generally long, thin and appear to be fresh, which hints replacement at an alarming frequency. The Girdle is fitted to a humanoid waist.

Major Power - The Body Endures: once per day, for the length of a single encounter, the wearer of the Girdle may provide all allies within 20 space of him with 5 DR, restored 10 BP and +10 to physical resistance checks. This bonus applies to the wearer as well.

(5 points or more) Drawback - Dried Bones: for each ally empowered during an encounter, a single bone drops from the Girdle when the effect wears off. Until all bones are replaced, the effect may not be used again. A humanoid body has a 5-in-10 chance to have a useful bone.