The Necklace of Fangs

The Necklace of Fangs is a relatively minor artifact in the Regalia of the Wild King, but a potent one nonetheless. Unlike the Crown of Horns, the Necklace had been passed around on a more regular basis and it wasn't very common for it to be in the possession of the same person as the Crown.
The Necklace is constructed from a great length of strong sinew woven into a very strong lace. On the lace are numerous fangs of various animals and monsters.

Major Power - Aura of Fear: the Necklace produces an aura that mimics the effect of a Charm spell. This aura extends 20 spaces out. Anyone who is within the aura must make a WIL Resist roll at -40 or cower in total fear for 4D turns. If the resist roll is succeeded, the character need not roll again for a number of turns equal to your rank.

(5 points or more) Drawback - To See is to Fear: the effect of the Necklace is only active as long as the Necklace is in full display and above any layer of clothing or armor. This imposes a -10 on all DEX Resist rolls, since it is relatively hard to move quickly with such an accessory flailing about.