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Soul's Reach Adventure

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Anaxim's Ideas

So I noticed some issues and glaring holes in the design of Soul's Reach. Well, not glaring and not really issues, but blanks to be filled.

  1. Poison Dart Trap: I had noticed 2 blanks about the poison dart trap in area 3 (pg. 21): 1) It had discovery and disarming modifiers, but the adventure as written didn't allow to discover it before it triggered. 2) It is range 10. The door is 13 spaces away. It just doesn't reach.
    Suggested Solutions:
    1) Change the trigger to one that can be avoided with some ease or, at the very least, one that doesn't happen the moment something forced does. Otherwise, allow entry from one of the otherwise ruined towers.
    2) There are two options to this, each with its own flavor: the first is to increase the range, to show preparedness. The second is to stick to the range, to show incompetence. Either way, you learn a valuable lesson about the goblins.
  2. Spiders Underground: So this one is actually kinda glaring. There are spiders underground, in the antechamber, but no mention is made as to who put them there or how the goblins and Kalak get past them.
    Suggested Solutions: The solution is simple - have some kind of inherent reaction or training to something within the control of Kalak. Maybe they despise the scent of a herb the goblins always carry around with them, maybe Kalak trained them to stay away if they hear the sound of a certain bell the goblins carry with them. Be creative here.

These are the issues I was able to find and comment on. Feel free to drop me a message or come to the chat channel if you have other ideas.