Player Truth Cards


Here's a fun thing I've been doing with my games to get people in the right mood:

Truth Cards
Give the players an index card. Every time the players want to make something up that should be true for the world or setting they just write it on their card and, BAM, it's a truth for the world that everyone should know. The players can put 2 Truths at first level and then one additional Truth for every level after that. The DM has the final say on whether a Truth can be added or not as all truths should fall into the realm of "Common Knowledge".

Example: Billy is an Elf Cleric. Billy thinks that elves in this setting only need 4 hours of sleep to be fully rested since they are beings of Fey so he asked the DM for approval and then writes "Elves only need 4 hours of sleep" on his Truth card. Later, Billy's party is fighting a very powerful vampire when he remembers that he has a flask of Holy Water on his persons at all times. Things get desperate and Billy says that Holy Water repels and damages undead creatures like vampires. The DM thinks it's a good idea but thinks that Billy should choose from one effect or the other, so Billy chooses that "Holy Water damages Undead" and adds it to his Truth Card. Billy has only one level in Cleric at the moment so he has used up his starting allotment of Truths and must wait until he spends the DP to gain a level in a Skill to gain more Truths.