G.I. Joe


To Play

  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Character sheets
  • Bag o' Bones, chips or tokens

Character Creation
BBF step 1-8
Define the following

  • Real Name:
  • Grade:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Home Town:
  • Languages:
  • Primary Weapon +10:
  • Secondary Weapon +5:
  • Gear:
  • Specialized Gear:
  • Hero Points:

Grade - to be defined, need US Military chart
Languages - most characters will have a native tongue, some will have two, in rare cases more.
Primary Weapon - receive +10
Secondary Weapon - receive +5
Gear - from standard equipment list
Specialized Gear - list gear not on equipment list that is bound to your character.
Bound gear - this is something prominent about your character that you would always have. Examples; katana, flame thrower w/ pack, side arm, etc.

Rule Additions
Hero Points - each player gets 2 HP at the start of a game session. They can be cashed in guaranteeing that for one round, no action you take or that is taken against you will result in your death.


Cobra Trooper
Real Name: n/a
Grade: E-4
Country of Origin: Various
Home Town: Various
Languages: Various
Primary Weapon +10: Assault rifle
Secondary Weapon +5: Vibroknife
Gear: Cobra armor, survival pack, 2 spare clips
Specialized Gear: Explosives, C4
Hero Points: 0