Large, rare brain-eating, woolly sloth-man with the head of an ant-eater and hooves, but they are not too significantly slow unless they want to be. They can't speak normally, but they are not impeded from intelligent interactions, but are primarily reclusive, typically maintaining only a couple of associates. But don't worry, he doesn't eat brains indiscriminately.


» Add +20 STR, -10 DEX.
» Vomeronasal organ - Can smell so well that he can perceive emotions and determine the chemical composition of any creature within 20 spaces, or any creature it is tracking within 2 hours, including sex, race, recent meals, injuries, diseases and more.
» Stillness - Can stay in one spot for days or move so slowly that it takes hours or even days to see progress.
» Claw - damage 2D +5
» Natural fur - +1 DR.
» Sloth immunity - Immune to poison.
» Move 6 spaces.
» Can't speak, but snorts, grumbles, growls and emits fear-inspiring screams.

[Image drawn by Paulo Italo requested by Christopher Kastensmidt, descrbed at I chose the adventurous version that Christopher rejected.]