Matt’s Minor Musings to Maintain Major Magical Mesmerization (My House Rules)

Let me preface this by saying that everyone who changes anything about a game only does so because their vision of the specifics of their world are theirs alone. There's really no right or wrong way to do anything, just your way and my way. Hopefully we all learn from each other, share vision, and build marvelous worlds together.

1: Two skill levels are granted at step 3 of character creation. They do not have to be placed in the character's Primary and Secondary skills, but they cannot be placed in the same skill.

2: Elves lose Natural Spellcaster and Elven resilience to be replaced by the following:
1. Natural Spellcaster - +5 bonus to either Spellcaster or Enchanter
2. Graceful in Armor - Subtracts 10 from the minimum strength of armors worn by an elf. (i.e., an elf with a 55 STR could wear Chainmail at no penalty to move or cast)

3: Humans lose the extra descriptor but may now place their +10 attribute bonus wherever they choose.

4: Two-Weapon fighting - You must have at least one skill level in Warrior or Scout and a one-handed melee weapon in each hand. Gain +10 to your melee score and +10 to physical resistance checks.

5: For characters choosing the “Standard spread”, increase the scores by 5 points a piece, so the spread would be 55, 60, 65, 70. I want the players to be heroes, and I like my heroes HEROIC!

6: Dwarven MOV is now 7. I see no reason for them to be slower than halflings.

7: Clerics, Warriors, Enchanters and Spellcasters get a bonus to damage and these damage bonuses do not stack (a character with warrior and cleric at level 6 would not get a +12 to his smite weapon). Clerics get +1 point per level to their weapon of choice. Warriors get +1 point per level to any melee or ranged weapon. Spellcasters and Enchanters get +1 point per level to spell damage.

8: Offensive Strike can no longer “charge” a weapon; an enchanter temporary rune, however, still can. Offensive strike also does a flat 3D damage, and is no longer reduced when using area of effect damage.

9: A player can purchase a single ability from another skill. This costs 1 DP for an ability that is not level dependent, or 3 DP for an ability that now levels with the other skill.

10: The standard bonus or penalty for critical hits or failures in combat is an action bonus or penalty. In other words, a critical hit is a ‘free’ action and a critical failure incurs an additional multiple action penalty as you recover from being over-balanced or whatever. Critical hits still require a critical resist check to defend against. This is subject to the GM’s whim at any time should he feel something else is more appropriate.

11: Spellcasters gain 2 spells per level regardless of whether the skill is Primary or not.

12: Spellcasters and Enchanters gain 1 point of damage to spells and spell effects for every 5 points of LOG over 55. Clerics gain 1 point of damage to their Smite weapon for every point of WIL over 55. In addition, their Smite weapon is always considered magical/blessed.

13: I dislike the permanent STR loss for permanent spells. Instead the caster takes 20 BP of damage, plus 1 for every 10 points rolled on the skill roll. For instance, if you roll an 89 to cast a permanent spell the character takes 28 total BP of damage. This damage CANNOT be healed magically and must be recovered over time. Characters heal 2BP per day.

14: Spellcasters, may purchase additional spells at the rate of one spell per Spellcaster skill level for 2 DP per spell. There is no limit at spellcaster level 6.

15: In the absence of further direction, a turn lasts about 5 seconds.

16: Loss of strength for enchanting (p.36) does not occur. Instead, if they roll in that range, they lose BP like spellcasters making a permanent spell.

17: Charging attack from a mount does additional damage equal to the mount’s STR/5. You attack from mount with no penalty if you have a level in Scout or Warrior or if the mount is friendly to you for some reason (A familiar or summoned mount) otherwise your attack percentage is halved.

To be honest, my group basically uses descriptors like GURPS quirks. The GM (whether me or someone else) doesn't assign individual DP in whatever game we're playing. The idea being if everyone is reasonably equal, there is less friction. We're all an older bunch of gamers (40+) and generally are just looking for the least resistive most enjoyable fun. I hope my ideas help others the same way, just to have a good time.

I also use the truncated weapons table from but did not want to repeat that information here again.