Horrid Claw Monster

Horrid Claw Monster (Rank 1)

 STR:   17 (50)   BP:   25 
 DEX:   60 (80)   DR:   0 
 LOG:   40   INIT:   3 
 WIL:   35 (100)   MOV:   3 (10) 
 Nature:   Neutral   Travel:   3 Leagues 

» Claw - 80%, damage 3D claw
» Bite - 60%, damage 4D piercing

Harvest: Bones, flesh, six 1' sharp teeth.

Description: When you first come across this seemingly innocent herbivore, they look like a small, cute creature that appears to be a cross between every cute fuzzy animal in existence and makes burbling and chirruping noises. They even make for great monkey-like pets. However, when they are threatened, they grow to twice human size, appearing like stretched, grotesque flesh and bone and begin attacking ferociously with 3-inch claws and long, needle-sharp teeth. (Full size stats in parentheses.) They can be fearsome allies or horrifying encounters.