Radiant Weapon

This weapon is blessed by gods and uses your cleric level of the wielder to determine it's effects. When the weapon is picked up and blessed it binds itself to the wielder.
Radiant Sword
Cause 1D +1D per cleric level radiant damage each day. The damage can be broken up into multiple attacks. When you hit a foe choose how much radiant damage you want to cause the target. For instance if you have a level 3 cleric skill gain 4D radiant damage each day. Example: Strike a foe and cause an additional 2D radiant damage (plus your weapon) saving 2D for another attack.

Changing Wielders
Only a priest of the same order as the god can remove the binding.

Cursed Weapon
This weapon causes the opposite effect, instead of causing damage to a foe it will cause damage to the user. For instance if the user hits and states he wants to cause 2D additional damage it will backfire on him. The damage could be magical, eldritch blast, necrotic, etc.