Magic Items & Potions

A list of magic items and potions for use in your games.

Celestial Ram

This wondrous artifact breaks down barriers, magical or physical. Once the words of power are uttered a titan celestial ram appears and is directed by the thoughts of the wielder to charge in a single direction.

Used ages ago by knights to breach the walls of fortified giant castles.

Celestial Ram Artifact

Radiant Weapon

This weapon is blessed by gods and uses your cleric level of the wielder to determine it's effects. When the weapon is picked up and blessed it binds itself to the wielder.
Radiant Sword
Cause 1D +1D per cleric level radiant damage each day. The damage can be broken up into multiple attacks. When you hit a foe choose how much radiant damage you want to cause the target. For instance if you have a level 3 cleric skill gain 4D radiant damage each day. Example: Strike a foe and cause an additional 2D radiant damage (plus your weapon) saving 2D for another attack.

Changing Wielders
Only a priest of the same order as the god can remove the binding.

Cursed Weapon
This weapon causes the opposite effect, instead of causing damage to a foe it will cause damage to the user. For instance if the user hits and states he wants to cause 2D additional damage it will backfire on him. The damage could be magical, eldritch blast, necrotic, etc.

Regalia of the Wild King

The Regalia of the Wild King consists of 4 accessories.

The Cloak of the Sky

The Cloak of the Sky is the rarest of the pieces of the Regalia, seen only a handful of times during the centuries since the creation of the Regalia. The last time anyone had seen the Cloak was around the shoulders of a particularly powerful Griffon Lord, over a century ago.
The Cloak is made out of a very supple hide with delicate, warm fur. Out of the fur numerous feathers of various colors and sizes stick out. The Cloak is fitted for humans or something their size.

Minor Power - Clearest Skies: the wearer of the Cloak may, once per day, stave off any weather and create clear, warm skies. This lasts as long as the wearer concentrates and affects an area of 1 mile away from the wearer - a level 1 Control Weather Spell bursting from the wearer.

Moderate Power - Carried on the Winds: once per day, the wearer of the Cloak may fly at double his land speed for 2D hours, like a level 4 Transport spell.

Major Power - Stormcaller: as long as the skies are visible to the wearer and a target is in sight, he may call upon a storm cloud to produce a powerful lightning. This lightning deals 12D damage and strikes straight down. Stormcaller may be used 3D times per day.

(10 points or more) Drawback - A Leaf on the Wind: the wearer of the Cloak becomes frail and light. As long as the cloak is worn, the wearer loses 60 STR.

The Crown of Horns

The Crown of Horns is a fearsome artifact of considerable power. It has served many chieftains of the north, particularly ones in the Plains of the Griffon Lords. The Crown is a sign of dominance, strength and physical might.
The Crown is constructed from a plain band of iron inlaid with many, varied horns. Short horns are the majority, but 10 evenly space long horns are spread out among the shorter ones. The longer horns are about a foot long at the front, but become as short as 4 inches as they near the back.

Minor Power - Only One King: no one but its current owner may wear the Crown and no one may remove it from the head of the owner apart from the owner himself.

Minor Power - Perfect Fit: the Crown is enchanted to perfectly fit any head or piece of headwear, as long as either is humanoid. A mental command would cause it to shrink to a perfect fit for the head of its owner or meld itself with a piece of headwear.

Major Power - Channel Strength: once per day, for 2D minutes, the owner, while wearing the Crown, may increase their STR in steps of 10 up to 60. The increased strength is considerably reflected in the physique of the owner - filling out muscles and enlarging them. This effect, however, doesn't come cheap and is reflected in the Drawback.

(10 or more points) Drawback - Might Over Mind: when Channeling Strength, the same amount of LOG is removed from the owner. Before the LOG is removed, the owner must make a LOG roll. If Aid (LOG) is in place, the Crown dispels it. If he fails, the Channeling becomes permanent along with the LOG removal. The owner may not opt out of this roll or force permanency.

The Girdle of Bones

The Girdle of Bones, much in the same was the Necklace has, had seen its share of wearers. Constantly trading hands and appearing on battlefields, the Girdle is known to be a sign of tides turning.
The Girdle is made out of a single long and wide strip of cured leather and has bones attached to it all around using magical resin. The bones are generally long, thin and appear to be fresh, which hints replacement at an alarming frequency. The Girdle is fitted to a humanoid waist.

Major Power - The Body Endures: once per day, for the length of a single encounter, the wearer of the Girdle may provide all allies within 20 space of him with 5 DR, restored 10 BP and +10 to physical resistance checks. This bonus applies to the wearer as well.

(5 points or more) Drawback - Dried Bones: for each ally empowered during an encounter, a single bone drops from the Girdle when the effect wears off. Until all bones are replaced, the effect may not be used again. A humanoid body has a 5-in-10 chance to have a useful bone.

The Necklace of Fangs

The Necklace of Fangs is a relatively minor artifact in the Regalia of the Wild King, but a potent one nonetheless. Unlike the Crown of Horns, the Necklace had been passed around on a more regular basis and it wasn't very common for it to be in the possession of the same person as the Crown.
The Necklace is constructed from a great length of strong sinew woven into a very strong lace. On the lace are numerous fangs of various animals and monsters.

Major Power - Aura of Fear: the Necklace produces an aura that mimics the effect of a Charm spell. This aura extends 20 spaces out. Anyone who is within the aura must make a WIL Resist roll at -40 or cower in total fear for 4D turns. If the resist roll is succeeded, the character need not roll again for a number of turns equal to your rank.

(5 points or more) Drawback - To See is to Fear: the effect of the Necklace is only active as long as the Necklace is in full display and above any layer of clothing or armor. This imposes a -10 on all DEX Resist rolls, since it is relatively hard to move quickly with such an accessory flailing about.

The Talon of the Wild King

The Talon of the Wild King is the original piece of the Regalia, the first one made in a time long forgotten. It has been lost to time, last seen centuries ago in a place none can agree about.
The Talon is said to be a Talon from a high dragon, tied to a bone, forming a crude dagger.

The Talon is known to be extremely magical, but what little records have been kept on it are conflicting and disorganized. It is not known what the Talon does, but it is known that the effect is intricately tied to the rest of the Regalia.

Sword of Protection

Commonly fond in Far Vandimir (for a high price) these fine swords are crafted for the No`Shri palace guard. If the wielder makes only one attack on his turn, receive +10 to all physical resistance checks.

Sword of protection

Special ingredients: none
Mundane ingredients: 300gp
Ritual takes 3 weeks minus enchanter level with a -15 penalty and has no drawback