Creature Effects by ShadowStalker

Concept for Creature Effect = Swarm

I had this idea for managing creature swarms (mine was used as a murder of crows that was inhabited by a spirit):

Stat creature (rats, roaches, etc.) normally in terms of stats and abilities. Swarms are able to split, which allows them an additional attack. Each split does the following:

1. Reduce BP of each swarm by 1/2 from the original total
2. Reduce Damage by -1D for each split
3. Each swarm segment may independently attack a target

Swarm segments can split as many times as GM has BPs to distribute, noting that they become increasingly weak. Follow rounding conventions.

Swarm segments may also recombine into the main swarm, but the BP is only the sum of the remaining BPs after any damage, and damage is reduced by -1D or -2D if damage loss is >50% of BP from swarm's starting value.

The above keeps the math very simple.