Range:....... 5 spaces per spellcaster level
Usage:....... 1/hour
Duration:.... Concentration
Resistance:.. none

Effect: Communicate verbally with a target (dead, alive, inanimate) as long as the target has the ability to communicate, even if it is in a language the caster normally would not understand. The communication is bidirectional. At spellcaster level 4 communicate with unintelligent plant and insect life, though only yes/no answers will be received. At spellcaster level 6 the caster can cast commune on himself permanently if he spends 10 STR, then the caster is always assumed to be using commune on all targets with which he communicates. Duration last as long as the spellcaster is concentrating. If cast on another spellcaster this spell allows telepathic communication even if they leave the spell's range during that duration. Being trapped within a wrought iron cage will cancel this form of communication as long as either caster is trapped.