Radiant & Necrotic Options

Holy Heroic Cleric's

In addition to the cleric's "smite" ability in the core rulebook consider this game option for holy warriors. It does not replace smite, just adds to it.

Cause 1D +1D per cleric level radiant damage each day. The damage can be broken up into multiple attacks. When you hit a foe choose how much radiant damage you want to cause the target. For instance if you have a level 3 cleric skill gain 4D radiant damage each day. Strike a foe and cause an additional 2D radiant damage (plus your weapon) saving 2D for another attack.

Note: If your setting does not use radiant damage it can easily be replaced by holy, light, etc.

Creatures with a nature of "evil" are highly susceptible to radiant damage. Double the radiant damage (not the weapon) when striking evil foes.

Unholy Cleric's

Necrotic Damage
Unholy cleric-warriors have the opposite effect, they cause necrotic, dark, unholy damage. When characters are stuck by necrotic damage consider adding a Condition such as dazed, slowed, fatigued, etc.

Unholy cleric weapons cause necrotic damage (dark and unholy). When characters are stuck by a favored necrotic weapon roll on the following table;

D00 effect (resist)*
00-08 dazed (STR)
09-17 fatigued (STR)
18-26 immobilized (STR)
27-35 paralyzed (WIL)
36-44 petrified (WIL)
45-54 prone (STR)
55-63 slowed (STR)
64-72 stunned (STR)
73-81 surprised (LOG)
82-90 unconscious (STR)
91-99 weakened (STR)

* Character have a penalty to their resistance check equal to 10 x Rank of the NPC/Creature. If the character fails his resistance check, he suffers the effect until his next turn where he may attempt another resistance check.