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G.I. Joe


To Play

  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Character sheets
  • Bag o' Bones, chips or tokens

Character Creation
BBF step 1-8
Define the following

  • Real Name:
  • Grade:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Home Town:
  • Languages:
  • Primary Weapon +10:
  • Secondary Weapon +5:
  • Gear:
  • Specialized Gear:
  • Hero Points:

Grade - to be defined, need US Military chart
Languages - most characters will have a native tongue, some will have two, in rare cases more.
Primary Weapon - receive +10
Secondary Weapon - receive +5
Gear - from standard equipment list
Specialized Gear - list gear not on equipment list that is bound to your character.
Bound gear - this is something prominent about your character that you would always have. Examples; katana, flame thrower w/ pack, side arm, etc.

Rule Additions
Hero Points - each player gets 2 HP at the start of a game session. They can be cashed in guaranteeing that for one round, no action you take or that is taken against you will result in your death.


Cobra Trooper
Real Name: n/a
Grade: E-4
Country of Origin: Various
Home Town: Various
Languages: Various
Primary Weapon +10: Assault rifle
Secondary Weapon +5: Vibroknife
Gear: Cobra armor, survival pack, 2 spare clips
Specialized Gear: Explosives, C4
Hero Points: 0



Glamourmoor is a campaign setting I have created and used in quite a few Fantasy RPG rule systems. I am in the process of converting it to BBF.

The island of Glamourmoor is a region off the north-western coast of the continent. Its climate resembles the British Isles. The human kingdoms in the south are split between two brothers after their father, the King, passed on; one runs the Kingdom of Redavion while the other seceded five years ago to form the kingdom of York. Redavion wants to reclaim the "lost" territory - even if he has to pry the rights to it from his brother's cold dead hands. It is never pretty when two paladins fight.....

There is a Halfling community in Redavion (as well as individuals living in the Human communities). The Dwarven kingdoms are in the central mountains on the plateau. Their silver trade with both Human kingdoms is booming. The Elves are in the northern forests who rarely come south.

The island, at lower altitudes, represent what is mentioned earlier: moderate temperate climate. The outer plateau in the center of the island is 4000 feet higher - arid alpine terrain. The inner plateau is over 8000 feet - only the bravest and mightiest go there.

The terrain north of the Human kingdoms is wild and sparsely populated. It is teeming with ruins from the many previous failed kingdoms - great for adventuring. Orc, goblin, knoll, and many other nasty races also claim their home here. Many an exotic beast has also claimed residence on this island. It is also an opportunity for adventurers to expand civilization to the north by establishing strongholds - expanding the borders.

What are you waiting for? Grab your blades, bows, and spellbooks and make your mark!

Glamourmoor.jpg875.93 KB

Race: Humans


Humans inhabit, mostly, in the southern regions of Glamourmoor. As mentioned earlier, their two kingdoms are named Rhedavion and York.

Humans on the island are of hardy stock, with skin tones that range from pale to light tan. Brown is the most popular eye color, though green, blue, gray, hazel, and yellow are represented in decent numbers as well. Hair color tends towards dark tones; fair hair being the least common. Red hair is fairly common, however.

Humans on the island tend to be not as down-to-earth as one might think. The island has good ties to the Sidhe (pronounced “SHEE”) and, as banal as Humans are, the effect on the Humans is evident. A Sidhe is more likely to present themselves to Glamourmoor Humans than ones from other lands.

Humans tend to form large communities – larger than most other races. Their need to gather so many of them in one place cause some concern with others , especially the Elves. They think that this can put a strain on the environment and strip the land's resources if not cared for.

Many Humans, however, are aware of this. Most foresters tend to replant what they cut down. Farmers practice crop rotation and establish efficient irrigation networks. The fact that the island has a lot of water resources helps here. Mines are cleaner – certainly cleaner than on the continent.


It is known by all the races in the land that everyone here ultimately came from somewhere else. It is believed that Humans that have migrated here – by choice or by chance – came from the same world, but from different areas and times. The Humans of Glamourmoor came from an island called “Britannia.” The people that settled here were transported by the Druids during a large and powerful ceremony to take them to another land, away from the Romanni. They found the island and decided to settle here. This was many generations ago and the Humans here are well at home here.

In other lands, other Humans from other cultures traveled here and settled in other places, mostly on the continent. They will be discussed later.

Humans here are still recovering from the Great Fiend War 20 years ago. Western Rhedavion has a scar from that war: The Desolation of Ixitcl is a blatant reminder of that conflict with the Denizens of the Netherworlds. It was during the battle that made the Scar where the king, King Gregory III, and the demon Ixitcl killed each other. The great battle drove the fiends off the island, and the war ended soon after on the continent. The people of Glamourmoor are now divided between the two brothers.

It wasn't like this at first. After the death of Gregory, the two brothers, fraternal twins Aldin and Forl, were not old enough to rule. They were raised by their mother, Queen Esma, then brought to the Church of Seaxneat for schooling. The two brothers became champions of the Church – Holy Warriors who dedicated to protecting the common folk from harm.

When it was time, Prince Aldin was crowned King of Rhedavion – which spanned across the southern part of The Island. King Aldin I declared his coronation day New Year's Day, Year 1RD (Rhedavion Date). This work uses this dating system for its time measurements.

In Fourmonth, 5RD, Prince Forl came to his brother about certain grievances that he, as well as certain other nobles, had with the policies the King had decreed since his coronation. The policies, the Prince proclaimed, were not for the good of the people; they only exist to strip authority from the nobility. The that all local laws and proclamations that the local nobles governed, or WERE governing, seemed to be converting to High Law. High Law were laws that are governed directly by the King and The Royal Moot – the noble body that had representatives from all the provinces that negotiated with the King.

The King claimed that he was guided by the wisdom of Seaxneat by protecting the people by directly governing them. The Noble Moot, the King argued, was an adequate check and balance for his decrees. The fact that many of these nobles, particularly the nobles from the eastern cities, were replaced by the King himself and seemed to always side with the King, was not lost upon Prince Forl and the western nobles. The King answered by saying that the only noble that was worthy enough to serve in the Moot was one that agreed with him anyways because only together can they ultimately protect the land and its people under the wisdom of himself, guided by Seaxneat.

Prince Forl was outraged by his brother's double-talking logic. On that day he, along with half the Moot, walked out of the Royal Palace – without the King's leave. The only reason they weren't stopped is because of the Prince. King Aldin wished no harm to his “misguided” brother; he believed that he would eventually see reason and come back – and righteously apologize to him.

A month later, after no word from the dissenters, the King led troops to the city of Portsmouth. He went to ensure that his laws were enforced and the city's governor, Duke Arlys, would submit to him. Instead, the Duke and 2,000 troops met him ready for combat.

The battle ended with the King withdrawing back to Lars. Two months later, he returned to Portsmouth to take the city and crush the Duke. To his dismay, he found out that it wasn't just Duke Arlys of Exeter, but ALL of the nobility in the western region of the kingdom were in active rebellion, led by Prince Forl. The Prince claimed his brother was misinterpreting the will of Seaxneat and misrepresenting the deity. King Aldin was, therefore, unfit to rule.

The civil war was in full swing. All cities west of Lars and Nexus declared independence from Rhedavion and declared Prince Forl their king. Prince Forl reluctantly took the throne. At first, King Forl only wanted to get to his brother and hope to show him what he is doing. By taking the crown, he knew there was no turning back; he HAD to win, at least to keep the western districts free.

King Forl made the city of York his capitol city. By default, the rebel state was named after the city. The King still hopes to be able to reconcile with his brother, but his hopes are failing...

It is now Firmonth, 15RD. Portsmouth was taken and its duke publicly executed and replaced by a loyalist in Year 8RD. Exeter was taken in 12RD, but Rhedavion's forces haven't been able to push further west as of yet. The front line has been drawn west of Exeter since.

Fighting has been going off and on over the ten years of the conflict. As of this year, it is in another lull. Travel between the two states is fairly easy at this time. Commerce has been reestablished over the borders. The situation, however, is FAR from over........

Playing Humans

The traits for Humans in Glamourmoor may be found in the DwD Studios book: Flesh & Blood. If playing a Human from Glamourmoor, use the physical descriptions above.

Star Voyager (Setting)

(Star Voyager™)
You have acquired a spaceship to take you wherever you want to go, star-hopping to share your trade, enforce the law or simply to survive. Along the way there are dangers in space and planetside that threaten your survival or your cargo. You will need to call on every skill and favor to ensure your success, because space is a dangerous place and is ruled by unknown dangers and dark conspiracies.

Rules for d00Lite space adventures can be found free in the Adjusted Rules.


Choose from any of the following campaign types, create your own or mix and match:

» Black Ops (A team with a dark mission to infiltrate in order to retrieve or destroy a target. Benefactor: AP or planetary government.)
» Bounty Hunters (You make your money by tracking down criminals and perhaps acquiring the occasional elimination gig. Benefactor: Self)
» Confidence Men (You go from world to world pulling off con jobs to take money from the rich or from helpless colonies. Benefactor: Self)
» Corporate Vessel (You are special envoys in charge of closing deals and enforcing the corporation's agenda. Benefactor: Corporation.)
» Courier Vessel (You transport valuables to their destinations on other worlds. Benefactor: Corporation.)
» Customs Enforcement (You perform random cargo inspections of ships both in space and in port, while other times you chase down smugglers and pirates. Benefactor: AP)
» Escapees on the Run (Whether innocent or dirty, you are on the run from the authorities and perhaps others who have a vested interest in keeping you quiet. Benefactor: Self)
» Exploration (You explore new worlds in the Frontier for trade, for diplomacy, for conquest or for colonization. Benefactor: AP, corporation or private party.)
» Law Enforcement (You track down criminals and stop crimes in progress both in deep space and planetside. Benefactor: AP or planetary government.)
» Mercenaries/Military (You are sent to war zones to carry out missions for your corporation or government, or to clear massive bugs out of a danger zone. Benefactor: AP, corporation or planetary government.)
» Pirates (You follow the law of take what you please and leave 'em limpin'. You must stay hidden from the authorities or run like a skivrak out of Belfar, as your capture may mean an ignominious death. Benefactor: Self, planetary government or corporation.)
» Salvage (Legally salvage debris in space, but watch out for pirates, smugglers, illegal scavengers and dangerous cargo. Benefactor: Planetary government, corporation, self or private party.)
» Scavengers (Illegal salvage raiders looking to cut out corporate and governmental levies, as well as keeping their heads down for past indiscretions. Also known as "space vermin", they unceremoniously strip the dead of their possessions without concern or respect for their families. Benefactor: Self, corporation or private party.)
» Security (Escort dignitaries or their ships, dealing with their enemies: corporate, underground and governmental. Benefactor: Corporation or private party.)
» Slave Traffickers (Not just smugglers, slave traffickers specialize in smuggling live cargo and trading them at slave bazaars in the darkest sectors of space where the law holds no sway and incites no fear. Benefactor: Self, corporation or private party.)
» Smugglers (Transporters of contraband, living, dead or inanimate. They must cut deals, bribe officials, avoid detection, and make narrow escapes. Benefactor: Self, corporation or private party.)
» Space Reporters (Get close in to capture footage of war zones, crimes, spacial anomalies, space creatures and other news-worthy events that will put the crew at risk for the money-making shots. Benefactor: Self or corporation.)
» Space Truckers (Indecent folk making an honest wage. Space truckers have to deal with pirates, union strikes, space anomalies, corrupt businessmen, and uncovering falsely marked contraband. Benefactor: Planetary government, self or corporation.)
» Star Racers (You perform races with fast ships, dealing with overzealous competing teams, cheaters, pirates and unscrupulous corporations and repair stations looking to shove defective parts in your thrusters. Benefactor: Self, corporation or private party.)
» Passenger Charter (Transport a ship full of passengers on a chartered flight through dangerous regions of space populated with pirates, hijackers, space monsters and spacial anomalies. Benefactor: Self or corporation.)
» Traders (Go from planet to planet buying and selling cargo for profit, building your business and facing growing threats from pirates and corporate raiders, contraband, taxes, war zones, and extortionists. Benefactor: Self or private party.)


The Allied Planets (AP)

The Allied Planets (AP) is the core region where planets cooperate to maintain order. It is also the constitutional charter of planetary systems, not for a single unifying government, but for cooperative interstellar law covering space travel and interplanetary trade. Some planets within the region are not allied, but independent. Their autonomy is respected, but in some cases provides continual tensions and the occasional wars. While those planets are expected to respect the interplanetary law, they are not governed and are given no aid except in cases of diplomatic expedience. For this reason, they make excellent cover for smuggling, but also easy targets for pirates. Incidentally, the AP is sometimes referred to as a pirate consortium for its dealings with its own populace.

The Borderworlds

The colonies at the edge of allied space that have a variety of allegiance and subtle resentment toward the AP. They get minimal help and ever increasing allied presence as the borders expand. Increased allied presence means those worlds will one day get the help they need, but are currently under an authoritative shadow. The borderworlds are the planets most likely to be taken by the Shar'neran empire or wiped out by the Thelurians.

The Frontier

The region beyond the borders of allied space, partially mapped and consisting of both settled and unsettled worlds, municipalities, rogue mining operations, and threats both known and unknown. Only criminals, tactical teams, and the most intrepid explorers travel into Frontier space.

The Illium Coalition

Through the Tigress Expanse lies the Illium Coalition, with whom the AP trades, but who many believe want to economically collapse the AP. And on the other side of the Varian Waste is the Shar'neran Empire whose expansionist policies are a constant threat to the AP, and many are convinced will soon lead to all out war.

Thelurian Space

Though somewhat less aggressive in its expansion, the Thelurians are considered a greater threat, in that they have a policy of racial purity and genocide. Every planet within Thelurian space is occupied solely by Thelurians. While the AP will assist evacuation and refugees from a Frontier world under assault by Thelurians, they will do nothing to interfere with the genocide. AP ships destroyed by Thelurians in such an evacuation do not draw retaliation by the AP, but are disavowed.

Steamroller™ Steampunk Setting

Once, a long time ago, the world was a different place. Before the massive beasts of Lagas Wen, before Thul'gahl unleashed unfathomable sciences upon men and ripped the world asunder, and before the great God Yes granted gifts to faithful ones in preparation to heal the rift, the world was once whole and proceeding unaware of dark sorceries, feuding gods and alien races. Yes had become a fairy tail and great cities began to rise high above rolling planes.

But soon, the development of steam technology opened doorways that should never have been breached, and through them came mystical powers and dark knowledge. A stencheous green mist crept through the world, changing the living things it touched, even to the point of being unrecognizable. Men and beasts from all times and eras began appearing and established their domains wherever they went.

The world had forever changed, but with the change came heroes to stand against the powers of darkness and save the world from tearing itself apart and falling perilously into the clutches of unspeakable madness. The landscape may forever be changed, but the heart of men remains the same.

Welcome to the Steamroller™ setting of international intrigue and high adventure where your players will interact with famous dignitaries, lords and ladies, thwart the powerful and ride the railways. Gangsters, cowboys, renaissance patrons and Kosacks all meet on the Inverness Wastes between the independent states of Edinwuld and the grand empire of Starzgard, where lie artificers, new fantasy races, knights and rare magics.

Steamroller is designed to be detailed, but at the same time, your player's characters will have a profound impact upon the setting, thwarting plans that fate has decreed. With a large number of factions and each one with an extensive list of plans in chronological order to be helped and thereby bringing your characters into fame or infamy or thwarted to thrust your characters into the spotlight. But let your players not dally. Time marches on without them. If they don't make an effort to accomplish what they set out to do, then the plans will be accomplished on time and on point and they'll have no part in it, then they will fade into the green mists of time.

Rules for d00Lite a steampunk campaign and other rules can be found free in the Adjusted Rules.

Races of O'orth

O'orth is the world of the Steamroller setting. Many races exist there. All lay claim to O'orth, which has lead to some rivalry, but most are willing to share for the sake of peace. Some were formed by the mist, while others were brought forth from ages long past and futures unknown.


Tall (6½ to 7 ft.), skinny, elf-like humanoids with dark secrets that only they know, whom the sages have prophesied to be the destroyers of the world. They appear youthful into old age.

» Add 10 to STR.
» Infravision (12 spaces, sight using heat signatures in the infra-red spectrum when light is not present).
» Enthrall +20 (½ will plus bonus. Power of suggestion causes others to do your will, such as fail to notice you. Entranced person cannot act against their moral code. May be improved with 1DP for +1.)
» Dark secret.
» Move 9 Spaces.
» Speaks Ancient and tradespeak.

Parsimian (Human)

Random humans born with weak constitutions, strange gifts and unusual colors of hair and eyes whom the sages have prophesied to be the saviors of the world. They do not tend to live to old age.

» Add 10 to starting LOG.
» Subtract 10 from STR.
» Human Versatility (one additional descriptor).
» Darkvision (12 spaces, allows normal sight in low-light, as long as a single star is present in the sky).
» Dreams. Occasional clairvoyant, prophetic and historical dreams, but scrambled, sometimes symbolic and strange, not always decipherable.
» Latent power.
» Move 8 spaces.
» Speaks English and tradespeak.

Spoilie (Pixie)

Tiny (approx. 1 ft) insect-winged mischievous humanoids who love life and hate clumsy-footed Mooglies.
» For ability scores, roll 2D and add 5 instead of the normal method of determining ability scores.
» +30 to LOG and DEX, but can't have more than 90 LOG.
» Opponents get -40 to hit when attacking a spoilie with non-magical conventional weapons.
» Spoilie wings regrow within 48 hours of being plucked. They can't fly or cast their natural magic during that time.
» Stealth +20 (to remain unseen and unheard. May be improved.)
» Move 4 spaces (16 spaces flying)
» Speak spoilie and Trade Speak

Tinker Gnome

Small (approx. 2 ft.) industrious humanoids proficient in repairing and sabotaging machinery. They are a very common sight at repair facilities.
» Add 10 to LOG score.
» Tinker +10 (Bonus to build checks when using Artificer skill. May be improved.)
» Craft +10 (Enhance one mundane craft skill: cobbler, jeweler, tailor, smithing, etc. May be improved.)
» Move 6 spaces
» Speak Tinker Gnome and trade speak

Legends of O'orth

If you are a player, not the GM, DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER!

Factions of O'orth

If you wish to be a player in this setting, rather than the GM, do not read any further.

The following factions can be weaved into any narrative. Each faction is tied into another faction that's tied into another faction. People, places and organizations are all tied together in some way, yet only a small fraction ofc each story is referred to. People will be able to take any two associated factions and make their own story around the little bit of information given about the conflict between those factions.

Romanies - Colorful nomads who wander the landscape, acquiring a living through entertainment or any primarily legal means of living afforded to the nomadic lifestyle. (Pejoratively called "gypsies" and "carnies".)
Knights of Corsegard - In full metal knight armor, these are the official enforcers of the kingdom of Starzgard.
Libertines - Rebels against the Imperium. A motley arrangement of workers and businessmen from Edinwuld seeking to break the back of the imperials on trade.
Blackwall Security Agency - Spies, Imperial SS. All such agencies are registered and employed by the empire. Blackwall is particularly effective and ever-present. However, if blackwall falls, another will just take its place. So Blackwall's imperial timeline is static.
Rosematter Otherworld Investigations - Cthulhu Investigators. These intrepid researchers and paranormal scientists go seeking out the ancient legends of Thul'gahl, the horrid god of the otherworld a dark plain of ancient magics and unknown technologies where unimaginable horrors reside. It is said that all who look upon Thul'gahl go mad from their inability to comprehend the shear horror of what they see. The lore says that Thul'gahl and his minions were once members of a beautiful alien race, but through their magic and technology, they became twisted in their search for immortality and now want only to devour the world in order to regain all that was taken from them by a power greater than them. It is rumored that Yes had something to do with their imprisonment in the dark dimension.
Crestwood Estates - A mysterious shadow organization with an unrevealed backer. They shape the political landscape from behind closed doors, bringing down substantial political figures with but a word and closing the doors on powerful businesses.
Nighthaven - A secret society of Elderkind with greater power than the Imperium, as the Elderkind rulers are members.
The Sages - Prophets of the grand god “Yes”. The name of their god is not a transliteration, but is a translation, as the meaning is more important to them than the original ancient language name. It is the prime religion of the land, but the sages are the ones who speak for Yes and witness to his glory.
Elise Montlebat - Saracen's niece; A cat burglar known as The Chimera. She targets her uncle Saracen in order to put a wrench in his evil plans, gain a living by his things and seeking one day to get revenge for her father's death due to her uncle's callous and reckless disregard for family welfare that made her father a victim of Saracen's schemes.
Saracen - Rich Man.
Otto Zeigler - Saracen's right-hand man.
Riverdine - Steam contraption Company
Emitt Beck - Owner of Track Motor, the railroad company
Norman Cantwell - Owner of West Track, the railroad company
Valklund - Train Manufacturer
Adelide Burgstein - Deep pockets and thorn in Sarasen's side
Bobby Styles Gang - Train Robbers/Smugglers/gangsters
Jim Sturges Gang - Bank Robbers/Plains drifters
Bounty Hunters - Unstoppable and always on the trail
Wild Armor Division - Steam Walker Troop
Starzgard - Imperial Domain in the East
Edinwuld - Free states to the West
Boiler Run - Flying steam contraption race
Madame de Purdicé - Owner of the prestigious and exclusive Non de Pardé Hosting Parlor and Gentleman's Retreat. She has her hands in many pots and holds many fates in her hands. Perhaps the most powerful woman in the world, Madame de Purdicé is perhaps the most avid collector of rare artifacts and is known not only to pay for expeditions, but to join them as well. Handy with a gun and at home in the wild.
Non de Pardé Hosting Parlor and Gentleman's Retreat - An upscale house of ill repute where all manner of business deals are struck.
Non de Pardé Hostesses - A group of hostesses at the prestigious and exclusive Non de Pardé Hosting Parlor and Gentleman's Retreat. Some may be beautiful, some not so much, but all are capable women who know how to squeeze a trigger.

Creatures of O'orth

For creature size categories, see Size Categories and Super Powers.

Though the creatures found here are standardized, feel free to modify stats for variation and distinction of one creature among a type and another of that type.

Mooglie (Humanoid)

Massive, lumbering blue hulks with low intelligence and passive dispositions. They make their home in the Valley of the Mooglies. Though not disposed to violence, they will fight if they have to. Though not highly intelligent, their childlike and detached dispositions give them profound, if fleeting, insight. They don't understand why spoilies hate them or what they are.
Size: Massive
STR: 75 BP: 1900 (19 x 100) Rank: 6
DEX: 40 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral (Non-magical)
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 75 MOV: 60 Travel: 5 leagues
» Slam - 65%, damage 3D(x100 vs. Medium size creatures)
Tactics: Uses its fist to crush its opponents and remove obstacles.
Note: Massive creatures get -40 to hit against medium creatures.

Verge (Setting)

Just out of sight, those things of night and darkness dwell within the abyss and prismic refractions, haunting our vague perceptions and shrieking in deafening silence to be heard. They vie for our attention, and beg to taste our reality, or to pull us screaming into the realm of ethereal shadow where they tear at our souls and drink our thoughts as we succumb to eternal nightmare and hellish everlasting horrors. The place where psychotic visions announce your insanity and science gives way to fantasy; that place we dare not look, through the door they call...the Verge.

A branch scrapes upon the window next to your bed in the moonlit darkness. You rub your eyes and look and see the shadow of a motionless shadow figure wearing a broad-brimmed hat cast upon the window in the full moon light. You reach over and turn on the light in startled fear, but when you look back, the shadow is gone, and the moon's light reveals no shadow cast across your bed.

You go out to check to see if you see anyone outside, but there are no signs that anyone had even been at your window. The cold wind blows, signaling an oncoming storm, so you head back in, mostly satisfied that it was just your imagination.

You walk through the house. Its shadowed corners somehow seem darker. You go down the hallway. Shadows upon shadows are cast about. The light coming from your room seems to make the shadows near your door even darker. As you walk back into your room, you catch something out of the side of your eye. A pale face in the shadows, but you know it couldn't have been there, because it's just a wall, so you dismiss it. As you close the door and turn to click it shut, you see the face disappear behind the door. Frightened, you open the door again quickly, but there's nothing there. You shake your head and tell yourself your imagination is getting away from you and close the door again. But as you turn around, you can't seem to shake the feeling that something is out of place. Is someone watching you? Might I be watching you.

You sit on your bed and lay back against the wall. You take a sip of water from the glass on your nightstand and pick up your book from it, yes this book, and begin reading it to help calm yourself. But it doesn't take long for your eyes to grow weary and your muscles to grow weak, unresponsive. The paralysis of sleep overtakes you.

Then you open your eyes and look down at yourself sleeping cozily in your bed. In an odd feeling of curiousness you look around. On the walls play shadow figures walking around in the lamp-light. Shocked, you wake up with your head beneath the covers. You take a breath relieved. Realizing that the light must have been affecting your sleep, you pull off the cover to turn the light off, and there the shadows walk a solemn procession upon the walls around your bed.

The city at night is a dangerous place. More dangerous than you know. Horrors of all kinds populate this world. Not even those in the country are free from these dark beings. But now you have a chance to fight back or to let yourself be recruited to their dark influence. Powerful organizations conspire to give life and sustenance to these dark forces. Thankfully, there are men and women dedicated to keeping the world safe from the ancient evils and dark gods. Institutions have arisen to battle these forces in secret to keep mankind blissfully unaware of the horrors that could drive every last man, woman and child insane by its knowledge. Will you serve the light and bring an end to the world's darkness, or will you give in to the service of the Faustian horrors that seek to enslave and devour all mankind?

Rules for d00Lite fringe science and other rules can be found free in the Adjusted Rules.


Choose from any of the following campaign types, create your own or mix and match:

» Creature Feature (A strange creature infests your research complex or terrorizes the city. Your job is to either contain it or destroy it.)
» Cthulhu (Eldritch gods are seeking their way into your dimension through a portal in a foggy moor, creepy old building or some remote part of the world. You can either help them against paranormal investigators or stop them through any clever means at your disposal.)
» Dreamscape (A madman feeds on people's dreams and you must stop him or die trying.)
» Eldritch Device (An ancient device shows up with beautiful ancient markings. But an obsessed adherent of an ancient cult unleashes its power, and now it is your job to track it down and subdue the horrible device.)
» Fey (Fey creatures of all types roam the world, hiding in plain sight. They disguise themselves and hide their powers, seeking to get along with mankind. Whereas the fey once nearly destroyed the world, mankind subjugated the fey in order to save the world, and an uneasy peace has remained ever since. You are tasked with safeguarding that peace by battling against those who would disrupt it.)
» Ghost Hunter (You track down ghosts and seek to resolve their issues so that they will move on to the next world.)
» Infestation (Zombies, bugs of a particular size, aliens, rodents, flesh-eating worms or other grotesque beasts infest a building or whole town, and it is your job to clean them up.)
» Poltergeist (Evil poltergeists seek harm to the living and it is your job to subdue them and send them into the beyond that the living may again have peace.)
» Psionics/Sorcery (People with great powers roam the earth. But power corrupts, and it is your job to weed out the corruption wherever it may be, whether in a school, corporation, political camp or ripping off innocents.)
» Slasher (A slasher is on the loose and it is your job to stop it...permanently. Or die trying.)
» Transhuman (Gentically and mechanically modified people, as well as A.I., has lead to those who seek to make themselves powerful by means of genetics and gadgetry, known as transhumanism. These individuals may seek surgery or even modify themselves. Known in fiction as mutants and cyborgs, the transhumanists are a potential threat to public safety. Your job is to track down and neutralizes humans and machines that have gotten out of hand.)
» Vampire (Vampires are spreading like gangrene throughout the city. You must track them down to their source and kill the head vampire to put an end to the infestation or the world is doomed.)
» Werewolf (Wolves are killing people in the parks and on the streets. Even cops are unprepared for their vicious attacks. You must take your arsenal of silver bullets and eliminate the pack.)
» Wierd Science/Fringe Science (Mad scientists cannot resist making their abominations world-threatening experiments. You might fight against all manner of mutated man and beast to find the mad man responsible and put an end to their experiments, or you might simply have to find a way to shut down their machine after a kaleidoscope of strange experiences.)


Rosematter Otherworld Investigations

Cthulhu Investigators. These intrepid researchers and paranormal scientists go seeking out the ancient legends of Cthulhu, the horrid god of the otherworld, a dark plain of ancient magics and unknown technologies where unimaginable horrors reside. It is said that all who look upon Cthulhu go mad from their inability to comprehend the shear horror of what they see. The lore says that Cthulhu and his minions were once members of a beautiful alien race, but through their magic and technology, they became twisted in their search for immortality and now want only to devour the world in order to regain all that was taken from them by a power greater than them.

Crestwood Estates

A mysterious shadow organization with an unrevealed backer. They shape the political landscape from behind closed doors, bringing down substantial political figures with but a word and closing the doors on powerful businesses.

Secret Service's Advanced Sciences Division

Guarding the president is about saving the country, but exploring cases of fringe science is about saving the world. Every day the ASD fights against would-be world destroyers and individuals who mess with forces they cannot begin to understand.

Vigilant Order (Sect of Dominar)

Vigilant Order (Sect of Dominar)
Symbol: White Skull with Black Sword on forehead, tip down, on a black field. The skull can be silver in special situations.

Vigilant Order Ranks

  • Watcher
  • Guardian
  • Sentinel
  • Warden
  • High Warden

Favored Weapon: Folding Scythe (Halberd)

The Vigilant Order hunts down and puts undead to rest. They also put down necromancers. They tend to wear black cowled robes with the symbol of the Vigilant Order on the front of the cowl and on the back of the robes. They are made aware of new missions typically by Dove Rune Scrolls sent from the High Warden who communes with Dominar and his agents to locate undead targets.

Members of the Vigilant order are encouraged to learn how to heal (to prevent undeath in the firstplace), track and are expected to study (Scholar) the lore of their foes.


Agrimar the Bonesplitter, holy relic of Dominar
This glaive has a black wood handle with silver studs, the blade is made of steel painted black with the symbol of Dominar on each side of the blade. The edge of course is shiny and sharp. White flames is the trapping of the power.

This weapon is blessed by gods and uses the rank of the wielder to determine its effects. First, when picked up the weapon binds itself to the wielder.
Cause 1D +1D per rank radiant damage (damge to undead only) each day. The damage can be broken up into multiple attacks. When you hit a foe choose how much radiant damage you want to cause the target. For instance if you have a level 3 cleric skill gain 4D radiant damage each day. Strike a foe and cause an additional 2D radiant damage (plus your weapon) saving 2D for another attack.

Changing Wielders:
Only a priest of the same order as the god can remove the binding. Otherwise a dead wielder of Agrimar will hold onto it until a new member of the Vigilant Order claims it from him. Such an individual utters the words "Unwavering Vigilance" and the former owner will open his bony grasp.