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Current Submissions: 56!

BareBones Fantasy Bestiary Contest
The authors (+BM G and +Zachary Houghton ) along with DwD Studios are running a contest for bestiary submissions.

For each creature you submit your name will be entered in a drawing. We'll run a hangout and pull names.

  • 1st Prize - BBF Bestiary Hardcover
  • 2nd Prize - BBF Bestiary Softcover
  • 3rd Prize - BBF Bestiary PDF

Submission will be closed APRIL 30th.


  1. Read this page.
  2. Creating an account on this site
  3. Click on "Add child page" at the bottom of this page. Having trouble adding a page? Click here.?
  4. After submitting your creature, fill out this form. When both conditions are met your creation will be considered

Submission should be original ideas. Posting artwork is acceptable on this site, to give us a reference. However it will not make it in the end product for obvious reason.

If the creature is something already in the book, think of interesting ways it can be made different. For instance, a goblin shaman with some interesting spells or powers would be acceptable.

If you have an idea and either A) don't know how to stat out or B) just want to share feel free to post.

IP of Another Company

You can base your creature on the IP of another company, however you cannot keep the name, presentation of abilities nor the descriptive text. Here are some examples that are considered trademarked.

  • Beholders
  • Gauth
  • Carrion crawler
  • Displacer beast
  • Githyanki
  • Githzerai
  • Ilithids
  • Kuo-toa
  • Mind flayer
  • Slaad
  • Umber hulk
  • Yuan-ti

For example:
Eye Fiend
This wondrous creature is the bane of many an adventurer. A floating ball of flesh and bone with eyes on all sides and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. A defense mechanism, the eye fiend can turn gaseous and slip through cracks when in danger.

Insert stats here
MOV 4 (fly)
Gas Form - duration 3D turns
Bite - 45% 4D
Gazing Eyes roll D00 each turn, does not work in gas form.
00-25 Stonegaze - range 10, resist STR, duration continuous, effect paralyzed. If target is paralyzed twice in the same encounter he is petrified.
26-50 Dispel - sight, effect 90% to cancel any one spell effect created by another caster.
51-75 Shadow Touched - creature rolls all its eyes backwards, effect immune to cold, heat, transform and charm. Half damage from non-magical weapons.
76-99 Lighting - range 10, resist DEX (for half damage), effect 4D electrical damage

Compiled List

Here's a compiled list of all the creatures in the BBF Beasts document so far. Just the names should be enough to let everyone know what these things are. Some of the creatures that could not be readily known from just the name were given a short description at the bottom. Hope this will help ease the process!

Bear Brown/Grizzly/Polar.
Bear (Black)
Bear (Cave)
Boar (Hog
Boar (Hog)
Bone Golem
Cat (Cheetah)
Cat (Domestic)
Cat (Leopard)
Cat (Tiger)
Centaur (Stag)
Centaur (Horse)
Centaur (Spider)
Champion (Angel)
Construct Animated armor.
Corpse Candle
Corvus Large raven that changes shape between bird and human; leads the dead to the afterlife.
Deadwood Undead treant.
Demon (Acid)
Demon (Fire)
Demon (Frost)
Demon Lord
Demon (Plague)
Demon (Scourge) Armor-wearing, weapon-wielding demons.
Demon (Shadow)
Demon (Smoke)
Demon (Spider) Huge demonic spider.
Demon (Thorn) Demon covered in thorns and that has a very high rate of regeneration.
Demon (Vapor)
Dog (Domestic)
Dog (War)
Dracodemon Demonic dragon.
Dragon (Fire)
Dragon (Frost)
Dragon (Sea)
Dragon (Storm)
Dragon (Vapor)
Drop Horror
Eel (Electric)
Elemental (Air)
Elemental (Earth)
Elemental (Fire)
Elemental (Water)
Fairy Dragon
Genie (Djinni)
Genie (Efreeti)
Genie (Janni)
Ghoul King
Giant (Fire)
Giant (Frost)
Giant (Sea)
Giant (Stone)
Giant (Storm)
Golem (Clay)
Golem (Crystal)
Golem (Flesh)
Golem (Iron)
Golem (Stone)
Golem (Wood)
Gorgon (Greater) Bat-winged bull whose breath can turn victims to stone.
Gorgon (Lesser)
Guardian (Giant) Gigantic wolf-like creatures with multiple heads – magically created guardians.
Guardian (Huge)
Guardian (Large)
Guardian (Medium)
Guardian (Small)
Harpy (Lesser)
Harpy (Matron)
Harpy (Vile)
Hell Hound
Horse (Draft)
Horse (Riding)
Horse (War)
Lich (Classic)
Lich (Monastic)
Mummy (Greater)
Mummy (Lesser)
Mummy Lord
Nereid/Naiad/Undine Sea/River/Lake nymphs.
Nix (Nixie)
Pixie (Pysk)
Rat (Dire)
Satyr (Faun)
Scorpion (Giant)
Scorpion (Huge)
Sea Serpent
Shadow Bat (Large) Undead bat.
Shadow Bat (Medium)
Shadow Bat (Small)
Shadow Stalker
Sheep/Goats (Wild)
Skag (Sea troll)
Skeleton (Giant)
Slime (Acidic)
Slime (Giant Acidic)
Slime (Monstrous Acidic)
Snake (Cobra)
Snake (Python)
Snake (Sea)
Snake (Viper)
Spider (Giant)
Spider (Huge)
Sting Ray
Tempest Hound (Fire)
Tempest Hound (Frost)
Tempest Hound (Sea)
Tempest Hound (Storm)
Tempest Hound (Vapor)
Tundra Goat
Unicorn (Sovereign)
Vampire (Lesser)
Vampire (Master)
Vampire Lord
Waetnettle Jellyfish-like amphibious creature.
Wasp (Giant)
Wasp (Huge)
Werebear (Greater)
Werebear (Lesser)
Wererat (Greater)
Wererat (Lesser)
Weretiger (Greater)
Weretiger (Lesser)
Werewolf (Greater)
Werewolf (Lesser)
Whale (Orca)
Wight (Barrow)
Wolf (Dire)
Wraith (Shadow) Similar to a Tolkien Ring Wraith.
Wrath Undead demon.

Arcane Leach
Arcane Silencer
Bag of Teeth
Black Hunter
Bomber Bird
Carnivorous Plant
Copper Cat
Crypt Dweller
Drop Horror
Elder Twigling
Ethereal Shade
Exploding Bones
Fire Crane
Floating Skull
Flying Frog
Furious Fountain
Giant Mole
Gold Eater
Gooey Square
Hound of Chronos
Kobold Vermin Lord
Lasher Goblin
Malevolent Menhir
Miasmic Cloud
Monstrous Mouth
No Man
Plague Hound
Razor Wing
Shadow Fey
Skunk Monstrous
Sonic Prowler
Soul Knight
Treacherous Treasure
Twigling and
Walrus Men
Wandering Hole
White Lady
Wicked Orphan

Troödon (my Sleestak hack for BBF)

Name: Troödon Rank: 2 Nature: Evil
STR: 65(55)* BP: 33(27)*
DEX: 60(50)* DR: 2 (natural)
LOG: 45(70)* INIT: 1
WIL: 45(55)* MOV: 5
Travel: 8 leagues

o By weapon: 60%, usually a primitive spear (1D+6) or crossbow (2D)
o Aversion to sunlight: exposure to daylight (direct or by spell) causes creature to be slowed and fatigued.
o Infravision: range 12; sight using heat signatures in the infra-red spectrum when light is not present.
o Limited Telepathy*: 45%; range 10; through concentration, can project thoughts into subject’s mind for communication/detect thoughts of others.

Note: stats marked with an * indicate those used for a Troödon "throwback" that has escaped sacrifice.

Troödon (TROH-a-don) are devolved, green humanoids with both reptilian and insect-like features. They have scaly yellow-green skin with frills around the neck, bulbous multi-faceted eyes, stumpy tails, and a single blunt horn on top of the head. They also possess three pincer-like fingers on each hand (one of which is partially opposed); semi-manipulative and able to grasp and hold objects with relative ease. Troödon often communicate with a whispered "hissing" sound that rarely deviates in tone or characteristics.

The Troödon are accomplished in the arts of building, forging, and hunting. Troödon are able to manufacture simple Neolithic weapons such as basalt daggers, spears capped with serrated flint, and crossbows capable of firing crystal tipped bolts, and readily fashion strong lassos and nets made from vines and other climbing plants. Troödon are typically equipped with a spear, crossbow and a quiver full of bolts which hang from their waist.

Troödon live in the Lost City of Sleestk, an underground tunnel complex originally constructed by their ancestors. They hate bright light and rarely venture out into the daylight. Troödon also have a "hibernation season" during which they cocoon themselves into rocky alcoves using some sort of webbing. Cool air keeps them in hibernation, and the heat from lava in a pool dubbed "Enik's Cauldron" inside the caverns of the Lost City revives them again on a regular schedule. The Troödon are very defensive of the Lost City. They know that their ancestors built it, but do not know how or why. They have occasionally tried exploring beyond the chasm that separates the Lost City from the rest of the world, but their expeditions generally do not return; they consider the City to be their only refuge. The Troödon have often encountered many humans searching for fame and fortune and regard them as a terrible threat. If encountered, Troödon attempt to capture and sacrifice humans to their god (an unseen beast who dwells in the “Enik's Cauldron ") at every opportunity.

The Troödon have a high reproductive rate and are able to lay a large number of eggs. Troödon eggs are gestated in a communal hatchery managed by the females. The Troödon capture live animals and tie them up there, leaving them for the young to feed on when they hatch. Occasionally, a Troödon will be hatched that is a "throwback" to their ancestors, being born with greater intelligence, smaller stature, and some rudimentary form of telepathy as well. The other Troödon regard these throwbacks as a threat, and so they are also sacrificed to the Troödon god when detected.

The Troödon are governed by both a Council of Five and a Leader. The Leader wears a distinctive pendant denoting his rank and is chosen by his peers from within the Council. Both the Council and the Leader have been known to become adept spellcasters focusing on the areas of divination, illusion, and summoning (spirits, earth elementals). The Council often consults the "Library of Skulls" where a number of skulls belonging to their earliest ancestors, still quite intelligent and capable of speech, are able to communicate with them and dispense guidance.

Sleestak by maxx marshall.jpg207.36 KB


Name: Bogwump (aka frog-folk, croakers, wumpers)

STR: 55 BP: 27 Rank: 2
DEX: 60 DR: 2 (natural) Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 INIT: 1
WIL: 30 MOV: 4 (Jump 6, Swim 10) Travel: 10 leagues

  • By Weapon: 50%, usually a primitive spear (1D+8) or stone axe (1D+3)
  • Amphibian: duration continuous; effect move while underwater (10 spaces, 2D+4 turns), take double damage from fire and heat-based attacks
    Bogwumps are known to be rapid swimmers, able to move freely in marshes or ponds. On solid ground they lope about in an ungainly, crouched manner. They can also remain submerged for extended periods. Likewise, due to their aquatic nature, they take additional damage from all types and forms of attacks made with fire.
  • Hop attack: 65% (melee); range 3 (15’ jump); usage 1/3 turns; effect +1D to piercing weapon damage (doubled on a critical hit)
    Bogwumps have developed a strategy by way of a leaping attack (jumping at least 15? into a melee attack) while armed with a pierced weapon to increase the wound damage to their adversaries. This is only form of move/action to be taken during its turn.
  • Camouflage: 60% or 80% (see text); usage 1/Encounter, resist LOG; effect surprise, or stealthy attack (+5 to hit and damage)
    All Bogwumps possess an innate chameleon-like ability to alter their skin-coloration, thus blending effortlessly into their swampy environment or attacking from concealment. Because of this ability, they have a 60% to remain unseen and unheard allowing them to surprise characters actively on the watch for them. Against less vigilant adventurers, the chance of surprise is increased to 80%.
  • Tongue Attack: 50%; range (a PC or target within 1 space); usage single attack/turn, resist STR (for Disarm) or DEX (for Trip); effect non-lethal damage (1D/2), the bogwump targets something that is carried or attempts to trip the opponent (knocked prone).
    Bogwumps often utilize their powerful retractable tongues in melee combat against opponents within a 5 foot range. In addition to non-lethal damage, a bogwump may attempt to either disarm or trip the opponent upon a successful single melee attack roll.

Bogwumps are a savagely violent, amphibious race of swamp loving bipedal humanoid/frog creatures. Varying in height ranging from 4’5” to just under six feet, they typically weigh 75 – 115 lbs. Their faces resemble those of gigantic frogs, having wide mouths as well as large, bulbous yellowish eyes; their feet and hands are webbed. They are covered with smooth, blotchy olive green hide that is reasonably durable; though they must periodically dampen their rubbery skin to maintain its resilience. Bogwumps are extremely territorial, and will attack anyone who trespasses with reckless tenacity.

Environment and Equipment
Bogwumps dwell in large wet regions such as primal rainforests, marshes, dank caves, or other ruinous locations that are out of the direct sun and have an abundance of water in close proximity. These filthy, mucky froglike monsters have rudimentary “croaky” speech, live in crude waddle and daub shanties, and often wear little to no clothing in their natural environment. While most adult bogwumps use primitive weapons, armor, and shields made of materials such as stone, wood, vine and bone (tarnished/scavenged metals if they are available), young, untrained bogwumps are scarcely able to wield a stone spear or club and often flee interlopers.

Social Structure
Bogwumps commonly align themselves into loosely-organized “tribes” that are fairly mobile, collaborating for the purpose of hunting and survival. Adept predators and fishermen, as well as accomplished in the use and assembly of snares and nets, these tribes are usually led by at least one large individual, sometimes a tribal shaman or great warrior-chief. Males are the dominant sex, even though one-half of any tribe is generally comprised of females (existing only to breed) and their young. Members within the same tribe scarcely fight each other, the exception being when establishing a new tribal leader. Time and again, stronger tribes make war on less advanced tribes; fighting over disagreements over territorial boundaries, favored hunting grounds, or generally just out of pure abhorrence. Since most bogwumps are characteristically savage and plunderers of the foulest sort, they frequently work for powerful chaotic masters of other diabolical races… and willingly raid nearby human settlements, out of sheer malice, eating their captives alive.

Void Haunter

Name: Void Haunter Rank: 5 Nature: Evil
Void Haunters are fetid parasitical phantoms that move around at the shadowy fringes of awareness; encouraging and inviting psychic contact so that they can infiltrate the vulnerable minds of their quarry.
STR: 55 BP: 75
DEX: 45 DR: 3
LOG: 25 INIT: 1
WIL: 85 MOV: 6 Travel: 15 leagues

Gifts from the Umbrae: all non-magical weapons do half damage; immune to Cold, Heat, Transform and Charm
Move through shadow: these creatures move freely through shadows, darkened regions, and other zones related to the Umbrae. Physical barriers mean nothing to these writhing horrors.
Banished by light: the presence of bright light will cause a Void Haunter to react as if under the effects of a Repel spell cast by a level 5 spellcaster.
Abyssal Gaze: 65%; range 0 (line 6); resist WIL; duration continuous; effect paralyzed
Void Haunters forcibly possess victims by a form of invasive telepathic in an attempt to dominate passersby. A successful Suggestion will result in the Void Haunter taking over the victim's body. Should the host be reduced to 0 BP or less, the creature will withdraw and attempt to possess some other candidate.
Mental Drain: 85%; range 3; resist WIL (-5% per turn of drain); duration continuous; effect 1D+4(bypasses DR)
Void Haunters will attack with their Gaze attack until such time as they feel they can score an easy strike with their translucent tentacles. Should the Void Haunter’s tentacles hit their target, the victim must make a Mental Resistance check or have the creature consume their emotions. This effect persists for each turn that the victim fails a Resistance check.

Void Haunters are vaguely sentient, pseudomorphic manifestations of smoky non-light summoned from the deepest abysses of Umbrae by magicks long forgotten. They dwell within the great shadows of ancient hollows, underground ravines, and bottomless chasms; seeking to make puppets out of those ignorant of their true nature, and foolish enough to open themselves up to these horrid leechlike creatures.

For brief moments Void Haunters can solidify into semi-incorporeal masses of luminous tentacles if they choose to, usually when attacking. These wraithlike apparitions tend to give forth flashes of light and oscillate in response to any observer's movements - as though it was aware of those observing them - sparkling and glittering like diamonds coruscating in the candlelight.

Should the one of these gelid appendages touch their target, it begins to infiltrate the flesh and drain away their emotions. Void Haunters instinctually scavenge the mind for fragments of emotional sensations and feed from the psychic energies found. They are attracted in particular to begrudging memories, suppressed anger, and deeply buried hatred – resentment and jealousy is sweet nectar to them and their instinct drives them to seek it out in all its myriad forms.


Name (Rank )

<tr><td> STR: </td><td> 0 </td><td> BP: </td><td> 0 </td></tr>
<tr><td> DEX: </td><td> 0 </td><td> DR: </td><td> 0 </td></tr>
<tr><td> LOG: </td><td> 0 </td><td>INIT:</td><td> 0 </td></tr>
<tr><td> WIL: </td><td> 0 </td><td> MOV:</td><td> 0 </td></tr>

Copy the text above and paste into your post. Change the "0" to your own values.


Name (Rank )

STR: 0 BP: 0
DEX: 0 DR: 0
LOG: 0 INIT: 0
WIL: 0 MOV: 0
Named Ability 1 - % Range Usage Duration Effect
Named Ability 2 - % Range Usage Duration Effect
Named Ability 3 - % Range Usage Duration Effect
Named Ability 4 - % Range Usage Duration Effect


Apotheocyst (Rank 4)

An abandoned and impossible ideal trying to claw its way back into the world. Manifests as a roiling distortion around which minds are subjected to new and indescribable sensations. Often accompanied by babbling cultists.

STR: 30 BP: 75 Rank: 4
DEX: 80 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 5    
WIL: 110 MOV: 15 Travel: 10 leagues
  • Unnerving - range 0 (burst 5), duration continuous, resist WIL-10, effect stunned.
  • Unfathomable - 80%, duration continuous, resist WIL-30, effect 1D (bypass DR) and paralyzed.
  • Ungoverned - Immune to charm and transform.
  • Unforgettable - Anyone paralyzed when the apotheocyst dies remains stunned until they receive a cleanse spell.

Arcane Leach

Arcane Leach
A magic channeling monster that can absorb and recast spells

STR: 60 BP: 40 Rank: 2
DEX: 75 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 40 DR: 0
WIL: 60 MOV: 12 Travel: 15 Leagues
  • Arcane Leach –if target is entangled (see Two Tentacles) and is a spellcaster, the arcane leach may take an action to leach a spell, resist WIL-40, effect lose one spell (GM choice) for day. For remainder of encounter, the arcane leach may cast the spell at the same level as its victim. If successful, leach may continue to siphon more spells (one per turn, as available) until target is out of spells or leach lets go.
  • Leap – arcane leaches are able to jump up to 4 spaces high and 12 spaces laterally as a MOV action.
  • Two Tentacles – 80%, 2D, reach three, can make two attacks per turn without multi-action penalty, on critical success target is entangled, continuous, resist STR-40, effect Immobilized and arcane leach (see above)

Arcane Silencer

A billowing mass of purple smoke within which resides a host of barbed tentacles.

STR: 50 BP: 50 Rank: 3
DEX: 70 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 75 DR: 0
WIL: 55 MOV: 10 Travel: 10 leagues

  • Tentacle 55%, damage 2D + poison resist STR, effect dazed
  • Arcane Dampening - range 0 (burst 8), duration continuous, resist LOG, effect spellcasting check halved
  • Arcane Nullification - range 0 (burst 3), duration continuous, resist LOG, effect spellcasting reduced to 0

Bag of Teeth

A bag of teeth is a deceptive looking little critter. At first glance, the creature looks like a pouch of coins. Its insides, seen when one opens the "pouch", resemble coins of gold. As one inserts his hand within the creature to retrieve the gold within, the critter razor-sharp teeth spring open around the pouches opening, and clamp down on the victim's wrist.

STR: 50 BP: 5 Rank: 1
DEX: 25 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 5 DR: 0
WIL: 5 MOV: 2 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Bite 55%, damage 1D+1
  • Clamp Down Bite - 75%, range 0), usage hand must be in pouch, resist STR -10, duration continuous, effect +1D damage.


A barghest is a lupine fiend that can take the shape of a worg (see BBF p.56) or a goblin (BBF p.51). In its natural form, it resembles a goblin-wolf hybrid with terrible jaws and sharp claws. A full-grown barghest is about 6 feet long and weighs 180 pounds. A barghest’s eyes glow orange when the creature becomes excited.

STR: 60 BP: 25 Rank: 3
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 35 DR: 0
WIL: 45 MOV: 8 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Bite 65%, damage 2D+2
  • By Weapon - 45%.
  • Shape Shift - A barghest may assume the shape of a goblin or a worg. It takes one turn to change to or from a given shape.
  • Magical charm and transport as level 2 spellcaster (50%).

Bear Wight

Bear Wight
Twisted reflection of its living form, when defeated it's cursed spirit rises to enact vengeance.

STR: 110 BP: 340
DEX: 70 DR: 0
LOG: 60 INIT: 2
WIL: 90 MOV: 8

Bear Form

  • Psyche Drain - 130%, duration continuous, resist WIL-10, effect 2D necrotic damage and slowed and fatigued.
  • Grave Wound - 80%, resist DEX, effect 1BP damage each turn, can only be removed by a cleric or when the physical bear is defeated.
  • Horrific Shout - range 20, usage 1/2 turns, resist DEX (for half damage), effect 1D necrotic damage and slowed.
  • Shroud of Terror – range 0 (burst 2), resist WIL, effect if ones die is even, immobilized, if odd knocked prone.

Spirit Form
Same stats, when the physical body of the bear is defeated it's spirit rises in 1D turns.

  • Psyche Drain - 130%, duration continuous, resist WIL-10, effect 2D necrotic damage and slowed and fatigued.
  • Horrific Shout - range 20, usage 1/2 turns, resist DEX (for half damage), effect 1D necrotic damage and slowed.
  • Shroud of Terror – range 0 (burst 2), resist WIL, effect if ones die is even, immobilized, if odd knocked prone.
  • Resistance - immune to charm, all enchanter spells, entangle (accept using necrotic magic) and transform.

Bear Bear

Artwork: Real-Care-Bear by Rakuraokami

Beryllite Quadron

Beryllite Quadron (Rank 4)

 STR:   NA   BP:   22 
 DEX:   75   DR:   5 
 LOG:   80   INIT:   3 
 WIL:   100   MOV:   10 
 Nature:   Neutral   Travel:   11 Leagues 

» Color-specific Effects - Each gem of a particular color provides a specific effect with its attack.
    » Red - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect blister
    » Blue - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect fatigue
    » Green - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect necrotic
    » Aquamarine - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect electrical stun
    » Orange - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect slowed
    » Yellow - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect stun
    » Reddish Orange - 60% damage 3D line/cone (divided) radiant, effect daze
    » Purple - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect paralysis
    » Fuchsia - 60% damage 3D radiant line/cone (divided), effect petrifaction
» Extra Attack - First attack each round does not count against actions.

Harvest: Beryl gems.

Description: 7" cube-like crystalline gems of one of 9 colors that each shoot beams out of their corners as they spin and tumble eccentrically. They are often employed as tomb or treasure defenders. They will attack invaders of a tomb or those who get within a specified distance of a treasure and may also be used to defend a particular individual, following the individual's commands. They are subject to summoning effects unless already serving a purpose.

Black Hunter

Black hunters, or darklings as they are sometimes called, are 4' tall cannibalistic humanoids. Darklings are jet black, hairless, and possess a wiry frame.

STR: 40 BP: 10 Rank: 2
DEX: 60 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 40 DR: 0
WIL: 40 MOV: 8 Travel: 5 leagues

  • By Weapon 45% limited to daggers or slings
  • Blend in Darkness - usage as long as in darkness, duration continuous, resist LOG, effects opponent -10 to all actions versus darkling, stealth 70% in darkness.
  • Create Darkness - Range 0 (burst 4), usage 1/encounter, duration 1D turns.


Blobs are kin to slimes, jellies, puddings, and goos. Although there are various types of blobs (determined by color), all blobs share the same common characteristics. Physically, blobs stand around 2 to 3 feet in height and are roughly spherical in shape.

STR: 45 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 30 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 20 MOV: 4 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Slam 40%, damage 1D+1
  • Immunities & Vulnerabilities - because of the gooey nature of their bodies, blobs take half damage from blunt weapons such as maces or hammers. Lightning does double damage.
  • Merge - 2 or more blobs may take one turn to merge their bodies into one bigger blob. Add each individual blob's BP to arrive at the newly merged blob's new BP total. Slam damage increases by +2 per additional blob.

Note: Due to the lack of gelatinous adversaries in BBF, I have a sinking suspicion that either Bill or Larry underwent some traumatic experience with silly putty or play-doh in the past. Guess i'll just have to remedy the lack of gooey opponents ;)

Bomber Bird

Bomber birds resemble large, carnivorous turkeys with massive wing spans. Bomber birds are excellent and adept fliers. Bomber birds derive their names from their particular ability to produce eggs which explode upon impact.

STR: 25 BP: 5 Rank: 1
DEX: 65 INIT: 1 (2 in flight) Nature: Neutral
LOG: 25 DR: 0
WIL: 25 MOV: 4 (14 fly) Travel: 15 leagues

  • Claw 40%, damage 1D
  • Explosive Egg - 65%, Range directly below the bomber bird (burst 4), usage 1/encounter, resist DEX, effect 2D+2 to all within burst range.

Note: It is quite conceivable that crafty adventurers may seek to capture a pair of bomber birds in order to produce explosive eggs for their own personal use. A bomber bird may produce 1 explosive eggs per month and the egg produced will retain its explosive properties for 1D weeks (after which, it becomes useless). [Damage: 2D+2, Range: 10 when thrown (burst 4)]

Bone Muck

Bone Muck (Rank 1 per 10 gallons)

 STR:   35   BP:   5/ft² 
 DEX:   35   DR:   0 
 LOG:   10   INIT:   0 
 WIL:   100   MOV:   6 in miasma 
 Nature:   Neutral   Travel:   spreads 1" an hour in flesh 

» Acidic Ooze - touch 45%, damage 1 cup does 1D/turn continuous, effect dissolve organic matter, resist solids and calcification. Rinse off to end effect.

Harvest: Flesh-dissolving acid. 2D Bones. 3D gold.

Description: A green liquefied algae that dissolves its pray with a powerful enzyme and uses the bones and other items of that pray to move about. It's not particularly fast, but if you are surrounded, it can be difficult to get past without getting splashed by it. It has no consciousness, but only a need to feed. It smells like algae. It doesn't travel much and travels only far enough to find a new food source. It is attracted to noises. Found in any quantities up to 30 gallons.

Brambling Briar

Brambling Briar (Rank 4)

 STR:   185   BP:   110 
 DEX:   60   DR:   0 
 LOG:   40   INIT:   1 (+2 if advantaged) 
 WIL:   100   MOV:   12 
 Nature:   Neutral   Travel:   15 Leagues 

» Fling - damage 25+1D ft fall to grappled victim, effect victim lands 3d10 ft from brambling briar.
» Pound - 60%, damage 2D+2 claw and impact.
» Slam - Grappled victim takes damage 3D+1 claw and impact.
» Sweep - 70%, damage 1D claw (divided among those caught), effect knocks prone and pushes back D5 brambling briar spaces (divided among those caught).
» Thorns - +20 to grapple; damage 1 claw per round of contact.

Harvest: 3" thorns, firewood, healing poultice

Description: A very large (3x human size, about 17' tall) simi-humanoid-shaped bush-like creature with two bush arms and two bush legs. But beware, its leaves hide very sharp, prickly thorns. It fights by surrounding creatures with its branches and then bashing the branches against hard surfaces, usually the ground, or throwing its vicitm.


Breathdrinker (Rank 4)
STR 45 BP 50
DEX 70 DR 5
WIL 65 MOV 30 (fly)

Hurled Object - 80%, damage 3D
Whirlwind Attack- range 0 (burst 1), resist STR (knock back), effect 2D, knocked back 2D spaces and knocked prone.
Gaze of Fear - 65% duration continuous, resist WIL-30, effect paralyzed in fear.
Drink Breath - 65% resist STR-30, effect living target loses 3D BP as it's sucked into Breathdrinker who gains the same amount of BP. BP can not be raised higher than starting BP.
Invisibility - resist LOG-40, effect Illusion spell masks the Breathdrinker from sight. Last 4D turns.

(image from


Bubbles resemble inoffensive 5 foot, spherical soap bubbles. Usually found in groups of 1D+1

STR: 0 BP: 1 Rank: 1
DEX: 20 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 5 DR: 0
WIL: 0 MOV: 3 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Can't Attack
  • Pop - Range 0 (burst 2), usage Triggered automatically at 0 BP, duration 1/2D turns, resist DEX, effect random condition (roll on following table).

Random Condition Table (roll 1D):

  • 1-2 - Dazed
  • 3-4 - Fatigue
  • 5-6 - Immobilized
  • 7 - Weakened & Dazed
  • 8 - Stunned & Slowed
  • 9 - Weakened & Blinded
  • 10 - Petrified

Carnivorous Plant

Carnivorous Plant
Beautiful meat eating plants that grow in small groves.

STR: 40 BP: 20 Rank: 2
DEX: 40 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 25 MOV: 0 (reach 2) Travel: 0 Leagues
  • Bite – 80%, 1D+3, on a critical success it traps target in its maw. Does 3 BP dam/turn until target freed or dead.
  • Pretty Flowers - blossoms release a hypnotic pollen, resist WIL-40, continuous, effect lured to plant and surprised. Range of pollen is at GM’s discretion.

Copper Cat

Copper Cat
A magical, metallic construct used by spellcasters to enhance their spells. Can appear as any familiar, but still referred to as a cat.

STR: 30 BP: 30 Rank: 2
DEX: 65 INIT: 2 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 10 DR: 2
WIL: 80 MOV: 14 Travel: 15 Leagues
  • Arcanic Node – if the copper cat is standing within a range of 2 x spellcaster’s level, the spellcaster can cast spells through their copper cats as if standing in the cat’s location. This includes spells with a range of touch.
  • Aura - copper cat’s emit a magical aura to a radius of 5 spaces. The aura can be the equivalent of Aid, Hinder, or Protection (pick one) at the same level as its spellcaster. The effect is continuous.
  • Talons – 60%, 1D


Crabmen are man sized, intelligent crabs. They walk upright on 2 pairs of legs. Above their legs are two short arms ending in small pincers used for fine manipulation. Above these are two longer arms ending in massive pincers which the crabmen use in combat. Crabmen are unable to wield weapons.

STR: 50 BP: 15 Rank: 2
DEX: 55 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 40 DR: 7
WIL: 40 MOV: 8 Travel: 10 leagues

  • Pincer -50%, damage 3D
  • Immobilizing Grasp - 55%, usage after a successful pincer attack, duration continuous, resist STR, effect extra 1D damage and Immobilized.

Creeping Death

Creeping Death (Rank 5)

 STR:   NA   BP:   20/ft² 
 DEX:   NA   DR:   0 
 LOG:   65   INIT:   2 (in miasma) 
 WIL:   110   MOV:   7 in miasma 
 Nature:   Pure Evil   Travel:   spreads 4" an hour in flesh 

» Bite - touch 80%, damage 1D/5
» Parasitic - touch 80%, damage 1D/hr, duration constant while active, resist none, effect Necrotic damage
» Homogeneity - The creeping death gets the effect of any spell affecting the host, and the host gets the effect of any spell affecting the creeping death.
» Madness - Host must make check vs. madness every hour, duration constant while active, resist WIL.

Harvest: None.

Description: This horrific creature, born from the miasma of pure evil, grabs hold of the extremities of a victim and then gradually and painfully works its way to the heart and brain, eventually killing its host. As it infects its host, the mouths of all manner of men and beast growl, hiss, bark, bleat and whale constantly in the host’s flesh wherever the creature remains active. (See Infect ability.) The creeping death can also infect objects and is often set as a trap within treasure chests, or used as protections to keep people from opening an infected treasure chest to acquire the treasure within. One may also become infected if coming into contact with a miasma of pure evil. It can split off offspring by choice to any available person or thing with which it comes in contact. Can spread at 4 inches per hour. It can also lie dormant. Once active, it becomes visible. Its intelligence is chaotic, like that of a high functioning mad man and may be used as a source of information. It constantly seeks to corrupt the mind of its host both by its presence and by its verbal temptations and mockery. The cleanse spell has no effect.

Crypt Dweller (Revised by Corey J. Williams)

Similar in appearance to zombies, crypt dwellers are physically weak foes. What crypt dwellers lack in physical might, they make up for with their insidious contagion. Recommended use: Send at characters in large numbers.

STR: 35 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 35 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 20 DR: 0
WIL: 85 MOV: 4 Travel: 1 League

Slam 35%, damage 1D (Necrotic)
Crypt Rot - Range 0 (burst 3), duration continuous, resist STR, effect fatigued and weakened.

Subcategories of Crypt Dweller:

Having partial senses, crypt leaders are fresher corpses that are more deadly, but more easily distracted by remnants of memories and intelligence. Recommended use: 1-10 aggressive.

STR: 60 BP: 18 Rank: 1
DEX: 35 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 65 MOV: 5 Travel: 3 leagues

Slam 40%, damage 2D (Necrotic)
Crypt Rot - Range 0 (burst 3), duration continuous, resist STR, effect fatigued and weakened.

Half a crypt dweller. Recommended Use: 2-20 as stumbling blocks and attacks from above or from niches.

STR: 20 BP: 5 Rank: 1
DEX: 25 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 0
WIL: 85 MOV: 1 Travel: 0 leagues

Claw/Bite 25%, damage 1D (Necrotic)
Crypt Rot - Range 0 (burst 3), duration continuous, resist STR, effect fatigued and weakened.

Crypt Dweller

Similar in appearance to zombies, crypt dwellers are physically weak foes. What crypt dwellers lack in physical might, they make up for with their insidious contagion.

STR: 60 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 35 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 2
WIL: 65 MOV: 5 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Slam 40%, damage 2D
  • Crypt Rot - Range 0 (burst 3), duration continuous, resist STR, effect fatigued and weakened.


The Crystalines resemble humanoids whose entire bodies are composed of crystal. Crystalines have learned to use their faceted crystal-like bodies in conjunction with light to temporarily blind their foes.

STR: 70 BP: 40 Rank: 2
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 50 DR: 4
WIL: 50 MOV: 6 Travel: 5 leagues

  • By Weapon 65%, damage +3%
  • Refracted Light - 55%, Range 0 (burst 3), resist DEX, effect blinded.

Drop Horror

Drop Horror (Rank 1)
STR: 65 .... BP: 30
DEX: 05 .... INIT: 1
LOG: 25 .... DR: 5
WIL: 50 .... MOV: 3

  • Digestive Acid - duration continuous, resist contested STR check to break free, effect 2D acid damage and immobilized.
  • Rugged - Piercing attacks such as arrows and bludgeon attacks such as clubs cause half damage. Slashing weapons cause full damage.
  • Summon – 60%, attract 1D drop horrors when first emit digestive acid.

Drop Horrors are amorphous blobs of rubbery flesh 4 to 6 feet across and one-half to one foot thick. They thrive in cave systems both damp and dry and have been found in abandoned buildings or along mountain passes with deep crevices.

Wise explorers know they are harmless from a distance, however when a full grown 300lbs weight secreting digestive acid falls on you it’s only a matter of seconds before you start screaming in agony in horror that you’ll be digested, alive.

Thousands of miniature legs in addition to its amorphous shape changing ability allow the drop horror to move very slowly along ceilings using its “legs”. It can move faster when secured to a ceiling by releasing one side and letting gravity swing it like a monkey swinging from vine to vine.

Drop Horrors can sense air current changes, heat sources and vibrations through rock and soil. When prey is directly underneath they drop from the ceiling, envelope their victim and secrete a digestive acid. Gillian Stiffoot a female Halfling scout recently sent reports of drop horrors that lie wait on the ground for prey to walk on them. They tend to be smaller and quicker than the larger adults.

Drop Horrors acid will attract other drop horrors. There is a 60% chance each turn the smell of the digestive acid will attract 1D drop horrors from the surrounding area.

Drop Horrors secret an acid that breaks down their food allowing their skin to absorb the nutrients. The acid will eat leather, and corrode most metals. They do not have a stomach; however they have a simple nervous system, a heart and veins. Each piercing attack (arrows, spears, sword ends) there is a 05% chance the heart was pierced causing immediate death. Note that a character trapped underneath a dead drop horror will still suffer acid damage.

Game Option
As mentioned above, drop horror acid corrodes most metals and eats through leather. Consider reducing the DR of affected armor as you see fit. Creative players might consider taking hides back to town and fashioning armor that not only has DR5 (the drop horror’s natural DR) but also prevents acid damage.

Ethereal Shade

An ethereal shade resembles a mass of black, wispy smoke which billows and contracts as it floats about.

STR: 0 BP: 30 Rank: 3
DEX: 60 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 40 DR: 0
WIL: 50 MOV: 10 (fly) Travel: 10 leagues

  • Icy Touch 60%, damage 2D+2
  • Resistance - unaffected by non-magical weapons.
  • Confusion - Range 0, duration continuous, resist DEX, effect by wrapping itself around a victims head, the ethereal shade my momentarily daze its foe.

Exploding Bones

Nearly identical to skeletons in appearance, Exploding bones differ in coloring from their more mundane counterparts. Exploding Bones are a bright pulsating red, their coloring becoming brighter and pulsating faster as they near death and the inevitable explosion which gives them their name.

STR: 35 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 45 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 0 DR: 0
WIL: 0 MOV: 6 Travel: 5 leagues

  • By Weapon 40%
  • Bony see Skeleton (BBF p.54).
  • Shatter - Range 0 (burst 3), usage Triggered automatically at 0 BP, resist DEX -10, effect 1D+2 to all within burst range from exploding shower of jagged bones.

Note: Someone from the Swords & Wizardry boards used my Exploding Bones in a rather ingenious manner. He stuck them in a pit trap. When the heroes fell into the pit trap and started hacking at the beasts, killing the first exploding bone set off a deadly chain reaction. The explosion from the first Exploding Bone killed a wounded second Exploding Bone, who's osseous explosion felled a third. The party was simply pelted with jagged shards! I though it was neat.

Fang bat

Fang Bat
Large bats with a wingspan of 2 feet and a venomous bite

  • Swarm - Once spooked these bats fly in large swarms. The swarm will last for 1D/2 turns. Each turn a swarm attacks characters in its path with no multi-action penalty.
  • Bite - 40%, duration continuous, resist DEX-20 (attack) STR-10 (poison) effect 1D (bypass DR) and poisoned (deluded and weakened).
  • To Many - A successful attack against the swarm kills 1D/2 bats. Area of effect spells like offensive strike or entangle kill 1D bats.

Fire Crane

Fire Crane
A giant fire-breathing bird

STR: 40 BP: 30 Rank: 2
DEX: 65 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 20 DR: 0
WIL: 60 MOV: 8 (fly 16) Travel: 50 Leagues
  • Beak –55%, 1D5, usable in flight or on ground
  • Fire Breath –65%, range 0 (Cone 8), 2D, usage ½ turns, resist DEX for ½ damage.
  • Fire Gust – 85%, range 0 (covers an area 10 x 10 spaces), 3D, usage once per encounter, a fire crane may create a large burst of fire with its wings.
  • Immune to Fire – immune to fire attacks, and other energy attacks do ½ damage.
  • Talons – 65%, 2D, only usable when in flight.

Floating Skull

As their name implies, floating skulls resemble…floating skulls! They shine with a sickly soft glow, and unlike their undead counterparts, (full skeletons), they are not devoid of intellect. Floating skulls are usually raised from the corpses of beheading victims.

STR: 30 BP: 20 Rank: 1
DEX: 45 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 40 MOV: 8 (fly) Travel: 5 leagues

  • Bite 40%, damage 1D+3
  • Bony see Skeleton (BBF p.54).
  • Blood Curdling Shriek - Range 0 (burst 5), usage 1/encounter, resist WIL -10, effect paralyzed.

Flying Frog

Flying Frog
An ugly, aerial and poisonous amphibian

STR: 40 BP: 30 Rank: 2
DEX: 65 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 0
WIL: 25 MOV: 6 (jump 8, fly 16, swim 8) Travel: 15 Leagues
  • Amphibious – flying frogs are equally adaptable to air and water.
  • Bite – 80%, 2D, poison, continuous, resist STR-20, effect Slowed.
  • Tongue Lash - 80%, range 8, 1D+3, on critical success target is entangled and dragged away by frog, continuous, resist STR-20, effect Immobilized.


Fomorians are hideously deformed giants standing of 13 feet in height. Fomorians are plagued with all manner of deformities such as misplaced eyes or limbs, enlarged or atrophied body parts, or any other odd, genetic anomaly. This chaotic arrangement of misplaces eyes and enlarged ears means that, under normal circumstances, a fomorian may never be surprised.

STR: 120 BP: 100 Rank: 5
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 DR: 8
WIL: 30 MOV: 8 Travel: 10 leagues

  • By Weapon 120%, damage +13
  • Never Surprised - fomorians are never surprised.
  • Grotesque Appearance - Range sight, usage 1/encounter when first sighted, duration until resistance check passed, resist WILL +10, effect onlooker surprised by the grotesque appearance of the fomorian.

Furious Fountain

A furious fountain resembles a large anthropomorphic stone fountain, usually spraying a jet of water from its mouth. These creatures are similar to golems, but the animating spirit within is an imprisoned water elemental. When standing still, a furious fountain is indistinguishable from any ordinary fountain.

STR: 70 BP: 45 Rank: 3
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 40 DR: 8
WIL: 70 MOV: 6 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Fist 60%, damage 3D
  • Spit Water Jet - 55%, range 0 (line 4), usage 1/2 turn, resist DEX, effect pushed back 1D spaces and fall prone.

Giant Mole

Giant Mole
A gigantic tunneling rodent with a large appetite.

STR: 80 BP: 40 Rank: 2
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Varies
LOG: 20 DR: 1 (fur)
WIL: 35 MOV: 6 (tunnel 8) Travel: 10 Leagues
  • Bite – 60%, 2D
  • Claws - 80%, 2D+3, ignores 2 points DR
  • Mole Hole – giant moles can burst from underground and attack the same turn, resist LOG-20, effect surprised.

Gold Eater

A small, tentacled aberration, a gold eater's attacks will part an adventurer with his gold with every touch. An encounter with a gold eater always result in a serious economic setback.

STR: 30 BP: 20 Rank: 1
DEX: 45 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 20 DR: 0
WIL: 10 MOV: 12 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Tentacle 60%, damage 2D
  • Corrode Gold - For each point of damage a gold eater inflicts upon a victim, 1D gp are corroded and lost.

Golem (Blade)

Blade Golem (Rank 4)
These magically created automatons hands have been replaced with deadly swords.

STR: 75 ____ BP: 60
DEX: 45 ____ INIT: 2
LOG: 0 _____ DR: 10
WIL: 100 ___ MOV: 6

  • Sword - 90%, resist DEX-10, effect 3D, damage bypasses DR3 armor.
  • Twin Blade Strike - 50%, 4D, damage bypasses DR5 armor.
  • Spiked - the golem's exterior has 3" long spikes. When grappling or contacting the golem (like a bull rush) the foe takes 1D/2 damage bypasses DR.

Gooey Square

A gooey square is, for lack of a better description, a big gelatinous cube. Semi-translucent in coloring, gooey squares are always found in dungeons where they wander about, picking up all manner of discarded items which they suck within themselves.

STR: 50 BP: 45 Rank: 3
DEX: 10 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 0 DR: 0
WIL: 5 MOV: 5 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Slam 60%, damage 4D
  • Semi-Translucent - attempts to detect a gooey square are made at -20.
  • Engulf - 45%, Range 0, resist DEX, duration continuous, effect victim completely engulfed within the gooey square and suffers 1D acid damage while engulfed.
  • Paralysis - range 0, usage after a slam attack or while engulfed, resist STR, duration continuous, effect paralyzed.


An evil crone that is a master of hexes and curses.

STR: 40 BP: 40 Rank: 4
DEX: 60 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 70 DR: 2 (magical charm)
WIL: 80 MOV: 8 Travel: 5 Leagues
  • By Weapon – 40%
  • Curse - use once per encounter, removes one Bone per game session until removed, resist WIL-60, continuous. Requires removal through a counter curse by another hag, prayer or similar. (GM’s discretion).
  • Hex – use once per encounter, reduces one ability (GM’s choice) by 40%, resist STR-60. Requires removal through a counter curse, prayer or similar (GM’s discretion).
  • Poison Claws - 40%, resist STR-40%, continuous, effect Weakened.
  • Spells - hags can cast Charm and Summon as a level 4 spellcaster.
  • Transform - hags can transform into another creature, such as a bat, cat or wolf, at will. The hag takes on the creatures physical abilities, but maintains her LOG and WIL.


Hagre (Rank 2)
The offspring of orcs and ogres, strong and tactical. Hagres are often used by orc tribes as elite warriors.

STR: 70 BP: 20
DEX: 55 DR: 5
LOG: 30 INIT: 1
WIL: 40 MOV: 9

--- By Weapon - 55%, damage +2

Horrid Claw Monster

Horrid Claw Monster (Rank 1)

 STR:   17 (50)   BP:   25 
 DEX:   60 (80)   DR:   0 
 LOG:   40   INIT:   3 
 WIL:   35 (100)   MOV:   3 (10) 
 Nature:   Neutral   Travel:   3 Leagues 

» Claw - 80%, damage 3D claw
» Bite - 60%, damage 4D piercing

Harvest: Bones, flesh, six 1' sharp teeth.

Description: When you first come across this seemingly innocent herbivore, they look like a small, cute creature that appears to be a cross between every cute fuzzy animal in existence and makes burbling and chirruping noises. They even make for great monkey-like pets. However, when they are threatened, they grow to twice human size, appearing like stretched, grotesque flesh and bone and begin attacking ferociously with 3-inch claws and long, needle-sharp teeth. (Full size stats in parentheses.) They can be fearsome allies or horrifying encounters.

Hound of Chronos

Hounds of Chronos, also known as temporal dogs, are canine creatures from the Plane of Time. They posses the innate ability to manipulate time in a limited manner. Temporal dogs hunt in packs that usually consist of 5 + 1/2D hounds. A Hound of Chronos will always know where, temporally, the other members of his pack are.

STR: 45 BP: 20 Rank: 2
DEX: 45 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 20 DR: 0
WIL: 10 MOV: 15 Travel: 10 leagues

  • Bite 60%, damage 2D
  • Temporal Heal usage 1/encounter, effect may “travel back” in time to a time where it was healthier. It then instantly travels back to the “present”, with full BP.
  • Temporal Jump - range 0, usage 1/encounter, resist WIL -10, effect allows the hound to disappear from the present and reappear up to 1/2D turns later, surprising the hound's victim.


At first glance, this critter appears as a brightly decorated box with a rotating handle at its side. With surprising quickness, a jester-like creature (mounted on a spring, of course!) springs from the box attacking and maiming. A Jack-in-the-Box may only move by hopping, carrying its cubic abode with him.

STR: 40 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 55 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 60 DR: 0 (3 when enclosed in box)
WIL: 60 MOV: 3 Travel: 5 leagues

  • By Weapon 45% (usually dagger or other small weapon)
  • Surprise - usage 1/encounter, resist WILL (if jester pops out of box on its own) WILL -20 (if one of the players turned the handle to make the jester pop out), effect surprise.

Kobold Vermin Lord

Kobold Vermin Lord
A kobold that raises and controls small vermin to do its bidding.

STR: 30 BP: 8 Rank: 2
DEX: 60 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 35 DR: 0
WIL: 25 MOV: 6 Travel: 5 Leagues
  • By Weapon – 45%, usually a prodding stick, 1D.
  • Immune to disease -
  • Pet – vermin lords always have a particular pet, usually a dire rat. The creature will follow the vermin lord’s commands, including attacking its enemies.
  • Summon Vermin Swarm - vermin lords can summon a swarm of pests as if a level 2 spellcaster. Swarms are typically composed of rats, roaches, and similar vermin. Use stats of selected monster.

Lasher Goblin

Thought to be the resault of a failed arcane experiment, lashers are goblins possessing long, writhing tentacles instead of arms.Considered outcasts by goblinoid society, lashers banded together and formed their own social unit.

STR: 45 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 55 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 35 DR: 0
WIL: 30 MOV: 6 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Tentacle 50%, damage 1D+2
  • Wrap-Around Attack - because of the flexible nature of a lasher's tentacles, resisting a tentacular attack through parrying or by way of a shield is considered at a disadvantage.
  • Irrational Hatred - lashers hate their goblin kin to such a degree that they will halt in their attack of an adventuring party to engage any nearby goblins.

Malevolent Menhir

Malevolent Menhir
Guardian stones with an evil aura.

STR: 0 BP: 60 Rank: 4
DEX: 0 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 80 DR: 10
WIL: 100 MOV: 0 (10*) Travel: 0 Leagues
  • Anti-Magic Field – -40% to any spell casting or magic use, continuous effect, range 0 (burst 5).
  • *Blink - can instantly teleport up to 10 spaces as a MOV action.
  • Fearsome Wail – range 0 (burst 10), usage 1/2 turns, resist WIL-40, effect stunned.
  • Repressive Aura (Hinder) – cast as a level 6 spellcaster. GM selects ability.

Miasmic Cloud

Miasmic Cloud
A sickly putrid cloud of stench and filth in urban environments that spreads disease

STR: 0 BP: 30 Rank: 2
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 60 MOV: 8 Travel: 1 Leagues
  • Cloud – gaseous cloud 5 spaces in diameter. Can make up to three separate attacks at different targets without multi-action penalty.
  • Gaseous – Only damaged by energy (e.g., fire) or magic/magical weapon attacks.
  • Putrfying Touch – 70%, 1D+1, range 5, disease, continuous, resist STR-40, effect Fatigue. On a critical success, the target is engulfed, automatically diseased and takes 5 BP of bleeding damage until able to find his way out of the cloud, continuous, resist LOG-20.

Monstrous Mouth

A 12' bulbous body resting atop tiny legs, a monstrous mouth is made up almost entirely of a huge, gaping maw equipped with rows upon rows of sharp, pointed teeth. Toping the strange creature, two short eye-stalks allow it to see its prey, even in total darkness.

STR: 75 BP: 50 Rank: 3
DEX: 40 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 2
WIL: 25 MOV: 4 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Bite 65%, damage 5D
  • Ocular Rays - 50%, range 0 (line 5), usage 2/encounter, resist WIL -10, effect paralysed.
  • Inhale - range 0 (line 10), usage 1/2 turns, resist STR -10, effect target pulled towards creature's deadly maw.

Mud Man

Mud men appear as vaguly humanoid blobs of mud. They stand roughly 6' in height with their lower bodies ending in a pool of mud.


STR: 80 BP: 35 Rank: 2
DEX: 60 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 2
WIL: 40 MOV: 6 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Fist 60%, damage 3D
  • Mud Slinging - 65%, range 0 (line 5), usage 1/turn, duration continuous, resist STR, effect immobilized, victims of 2 mud slinging attacks are paralyzed, victims of 5 mud slinging attacks are petrified
  • Immunity - piercing and edged weapons do half damage. Blunt weapons do normal damage.
mudman.png25.8 KB


Standing 4' in height, mushroom men resemble humanoid mushrooms endowed with both arms and legs.

STR: 35 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 40 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 10 MOV: 4 Travel: 5 leagues

  • By Weapon 40%
  • Vulnerability Damage from fire is doubled.
  • Spores - Range 0 (burst 5), usage Triggered automatically at 0 BP, effect 1/2D spores are created which rapidly (1/2D turns) grow into smaller mushroom-men (5BP, -5 to all abilities). These 5BP mushroom-men also create spores upon death which become 1BP tiny mushroom-men (-10 to abilities)


A needle-flinger resembles a lanky quadruped of noticeable canine ancestry. All along the ridge of its back, the creature possesses a cluster of needles that it may fling towards its foes.

STR: 60 BP: 25 Rank: 3
DEX: 70 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 40 MOV: 15 Travel: 15 leagues

  • Bite 65%, damage 2D + 2
  • Needle Flinging - 65%, range 0 (line 10), usage 1D/encounter, duration continuous, resist STR, effect paralized

No Man

No Man
An unremarkable assassin

STR: 60 BP: 20 Rank: 2
DEX: 85 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 60 DR: 0 or Armor
WIL: 80 MOV: 8 Travel: 10 Leagues
  • By Weapon – 80%, often use poison.
  • Unremarkable – No Men are so ordinary in appearance as to go unnoticed, making them deadly assassins and spies, resist LOG-60, effect Surprised. No Man also use same when trying to evade capture.

Obscene Eye

Obscene Eye
A large lidless eye surrounded by long tentacles.
STR 80
LOG 80
DEX 80
WIL 80
BP 120
DR 0
MOV 12 water, 2 land

Paralyzing Gaze - once per turn, (line 4) duration continuous, resist WIL-20, effect paralyzed
Grapple - 100% effect 1D and immobilized, duration continuous, resist STR, effect for each: tentacle the target suffers -20 to all actions
Drown - if target is resisting gaze or is grappled by at least two tentacles the Eye will drag them underwater.

Obscene Eye

Dyson Logos Labyrinth Lord stats.

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Orc, Earthscreamer

Orc, Earthscreamer (Rank 2)

Orcish magic users wresting power from bound elemental stone spirits.

STR: 40 BP: 12 Rank: 2
DEX: 45 INIT: 0 Nature: Evil
LOG: 50 DR: 5    
WIL: 55 MOV: 6 Travel: 10 leagues
  • By Weapon - 40%
  • Stomp - Range 5, resist DEX, effect 1D and knocked prone.
  • Shard Shawl - Range 5, effect an ally gains 3 additional DR.
  • Broken Pact - When the Earthscreamer dies, it petrifies. On the following turn, the bound spirit escapes, shattering the stone. Range 0 (burst 1), resist DEX (for half damage), effect 1D.

Orc, Flameshackle

Orc, Flameshackle (Rank 2)

Orcish magic users wresting power from bound elemental fire spirits.

STR: 35 BP: 11 Rank: 2
DEX: 55 INIT: 0 Nature: Evil
LOG: 50 DR: 5    
WIL: 55 MOV: 6 Travel: 10 leagues
  • By Weapon - 40%
  • Sear - Range 5, 55%, damage 1D, on a critical success the target catches on fire.
  • Flamebrand - Range 5, effect an ally's weapon attacks deal an extra 1D fire damage.
  • Broken Pact - When the Earthscreamer dies, it begins to smolder. On the following turn, the bound spirit escapes in a blaze, reducing the body to ashes. Range 0 (burst 1), resist DEX (for half damage), effect 1D.

Plague Hound

Plague hounds resemble sickly thin wolves. The stench of rot and decay closely follows them.

STR: 65 BP: 20 Rank: 3
DEX: 60 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 40 MOV: 15 Travel: 15 leagues

  • Bite 65%, damage 2D + poison duration continuous, resist STR, effect +1 damage
  • Infectious Aura - range 0 (burst 3), duration continuous, resist STR, effect weakened


Quicklings appear as small, blurred, humanoid children. Quicklings are always in motion, going to and fro at an alarming speed.

STR: 20 BP: 8 Rank: 2
DEX: 110 INIT: 3 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 45 DR: 0
WIL: 45 MOV: 30 Travel: 30 leagues

  • By Ranged Weapon 100%, damage +11 (ranged, usually sling)
  • By Weapon - 40%, (usually dagger)
  • Lightning Speed - with their unearthly speed and imperceptibly fast movements, quicklings can disorient and surprise their foes 50%, usage 1/turn, duration continuous, resist LOG, effect surprised


Huge amphibious creatures who live near brackish water.

STR: 80 BP: 70 Rank: 3
DEX: 40 INIT: 2 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 30 DR: 5
WIL: 30 MOV: 10 Travel: 10 leagues

Bite 70% effect 6D damage, on an automatic or critical success the target is swallowed whole!
Thrown Teeth 80% resist DEX-10, effect 2D and knocked prone. Rakash looses 1D damage from it's bite attack. Teeth grow back in 1D days.

Teeth may be a prized possession for scholars, casters or enchanters.


Rakshasa (Rank 3)

STR: 70 BP: 60
DEX: 60 DR: 5
LOG: 60 INIT: 2
WIL: 55 MOV: 8
Nature: Varies Travel: 10 Leagues

» Claw - 75%, damage 3D.
» Illusion - may use the illusion spell as if skilled and improve it with DP, 1 for 1.
» Shape-shifting - may change its shape into a normal man, into the animal of its head, into a centaur-like mix of the two, or grow extra limbs with a WIL check.
» Lunar enhancement - +10 to other special abilities at night.

Harvest: hide/fur, teeth, claws.

Description: Rakshasas (Fem: Rakshasis) are powerful oriental warriors and spellcasters with the heads of animals and the bodies of men. Rakshasas are shape-shifters of exceptional skill. They occasionally join the ranks of the local warlord. Rakshasas of the evil variety are often man-eaters, feasting in the heat of battle.

Razor Wing

Razor wings get their name from their razor sharp wings, which they use to bring down potential prey. Razor wings resemble large crows with shinning steel-like feathers tipping their wings. They attack in groups, swarming over prey from above.

STR: 10 BP: 4 Rank: 1
DEX: 65 INIT: 3 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 10 MOV: 4 (15 fly) Travel: 15 leagues

  • Razor Wing 55%, damage 1D+1
  • Surprise Swoop Attack - 55%, Range 0, usage 1/turn, resist DEX, effect damage 1D+1 + surprised.

Sand Goblin

Name: Sand Goblin (Rank 1)
Description: A sandy, tanned colored version of the infamous goblin, dressed in tattered rags from head to toe to protect them from the desert sun. They have at their waist a pouch of enchanted sand that they use to daze enemies.
Nature: Evil

STR: 45 BP: 10
DEX: 50 DR: 2
LOG: 35 INIT: 1
WIL: 40 MOV: 6

Travel: 6 Leagues (10 in desert environments)

By Weapon: 45%
Sand Spray: 50%, Randge 0 (line 3) 2/encounter, continuous, resist DEX, Effect Dazed


Saurials are part giant, part lizard-men. They stand 15' in height and possess bodies covered in tough scales. Their long, powerful tail is used in concert with weapon attacks in combat. Saurials prefer warm environments.

STR: 120 BP: 100 Rank: 5
DEX: 55 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 40 DR: 8
WIL: 50 MOV: 20 Travel: 20 leagues

  • By Weapon 120%, damage +14
  • Tail - 85%, range 0 (line 1), effect damage 3D may be used to attack any foe within range regardless of the foe's position reletive to the saurial (front, flanking, or behind).
  • Tail Spin Attack - 55%, range 0 (burst 1), effect damage 2D may be used to attack all foes within range regardless of the foe's position reletive to the saurial (front, flanking, or behind).

Shadow Fey

Small and light framed creatures as grey as granite and stealthy as the dark realms they inhabit, their pointy ears and nose suggest a connection to elves and faeries. Living in darkened ruins and underground, Shadow Fey are avaricious for magical items, and will seek them out on any who trespass their lairs, often attacking first. Talented Enchanter-Spell Casters rule each clan, while the bulk of their communities are made up of Scout-Warriors. Curtain-like Black Mirrors act as portals to their Shadow version of the same locale. Here, all light sources are halved in brightness and radius, taking on a muddy brown or darker hue. The size of their mirror-realm is confined only by the degree of darkness they inhabit. The blood of Shadow Fey is a purple so dark as to appear black in all but the strongest light.

STR: 50 BP: 20 Rank: 4
DEX: 50 INIT: 2 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 50 DR:0 Travel: 10 leagues in Darkness/Night/Shadow only
WIL: 50 MOV: 7

Shadow Weapon - 50%, double normal damage (dagger = 2D, shortsword 2D+6)

  • Shadow Form - Reduce damage taken by half -- costs 1 Action to attain shadow form.
  • Concealment - Each day become invisible to non-shadow beings. Last while concentrating.
  • Death's Blessing - Upon death, they and their gear teleport to their afterlife.
  • Shadow Doppelganger - Each day make multiple copies who share the same BP total.
  • Shadow Weapon - These weapons in the hands of non-shadow beings, act as Weapons of Piercing (see pg. 44).

Shaggy Yowler

Shaggy Yowler (Rank 1)

Ape-like, arctic pack hunter. The troupe's continuous baying and hooting echoes across the landscape disquietingly.

STR: 45 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 65 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 20 DR: 0    
WIL: 15 MOV: 15 Travel: 10 leagues
  • Bite - 50%, damage 2D.
  • Eerie Yowling - range 0 (burst 1 mile), resist WIL, effect dazed.
  • Pelt - Takes -5 damage from cold effects, 60% to remain unseen and unheard in arctic conditions. Considered flammable.

Skunk, Monstrous

A pony-sized skunk much feared for its scented assault. Similar in appearance to its mundane kindred, just on a larger scale.

STR: 40 BP: 30 Rank: 3
DEX: 55 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 25 MOV: 12 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Claw 45%, damage 2D
  • Odorous Spray - 55%, range 0 (line 3), usage 1/turn, duration continuous, resist STR, effect stunned + dazed.
  • Lingering Musk - anyone hit by a monstrous skunk's odorous spray will find that all equipment carried and everything worn will be tainted with the beast's strongly displeasing musk. The scent will wear off in 1D days.


Skyjolter (Rank 3)
Balloon like aerial jellyfish with the ability to absorb and re-release lightning

STR: 35 BP: 15
DEX: 50 DR: 0
LOG: 15 INIT: 1
WIL: 10 MOV: 10 (fly)

--- Shock - 60%, damage 4D, bypasses metal armour
--- Bolt - 55%, range 10, damage 3D, bypasses metal armour, creature loses 1 BP each use
--- Electrified Body - successful melee attacks with conductive weapons or unarmed cause 4D damage to the attacker

Slime Dancer

Slime Dancer (Rank 3)

A lithe fey spirit of fetor and decay, appearing as an emaciated elf glistening with fever whose eyes have liquified.

STR: 60 BP: 40 Rank: 3
DEX: 85 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 55 DR: 5    
WIL: 70 MOV: 15 Travel: 12 leagues
  • Slash - 75%, damage 3D. If the slime dancer used Cess Step last turn it gains +1D of acid damage to this attack.
  • Cess Step - Move into a pool of stagnant water or an ooze-type monster and vanish. Reappear next turn next to a similar target.
  • Immunities - Immune to acid and falling damage.


A snailtaur is an aberrant melding of man and snail. Standing 7' in height, a snailtaur possesses the upper body (torso, arms, and head) of a man. It's lower torso is attached to a snail-like, mucus secreting body upon which rests a massive coiled shell.

STR: 70 BP: 40 Rank: 3
DEX: 55 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 50 DR: 4/8 (when in shell)
WIL: 55 MOV: 5 Travel: 5 leagues

  • By Weapon 65%, damage +3
  • Vertical Movement - the mucus secreted by the snailtaur allows it to move along vertical surfaces, an ability snailtaurs often put to good tactical use.
  • Protective Shell - snailtaurs are able to retract their bodies (both human upper body and molluscan lower body) within the protective confine of their shell. When completely tucked into its shell, or when resolving attacks from behind, a snailtaur's DR is 8

Sonic Prowler

Sonic prowlers resemble a wave of shimmering heat occupying a 12' square area. Although perceptible to the attentive adventurer, inattentive adventures may easily be surprised by the near invisible creature's presence.

STR: 0 BP: 35 Rank: 3
DEX: 75 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 45 MOV: 20 (fly) Travel: 50 leagues

  • Sonic Blast 70%, range 0 (line 10), usage 1/turn, resist WIL, effect damage 2D+2 dazed + stunned
  • Sonic Boom 65%, range 0 (burst 4), usage 1/turn, resist WIL, effect damage 1D+2 + stunned
  • Immunity - immune to non-magical attacks.
  • Armor Bypass - because a sonic prowler attacks via sound, its victims are not afforded any protection due to armor worn.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight
An evil knight that drains the souls of its slain enemies.

STR: 100 BP: 80 Rank: 5
DEX: 60 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 70 DR: 10 (magical)
WIL: 90 MOV: 8 Travel: 50 Leagues
  • By Dire Weapon – 120%, dam +9.
  • Draining - on a successful attack, the Soul Knight gains a number of BP equivalent to the damage inflicted (not to exceed original BP value). If the Soul Knight’s attack results in its target’s death, the Knight claims the victim’s soul. A Soul Knight may have up to three captured souls.
  • Sacrificial Soul – when an attack results in the Soul Knight’s death, the Knight may instead sacrifice one of the souls it has captured. The Knight is restored to full BP, though other conditions remain in effect.
  • Suppressive Aura - range 0 (burst 10), dispel as a level 5 spellcaster, continuous. A Soul Knight emits an aura that nullifies magic that is either inside of or passes through the affected area.
  • Vicious Visage - 80%, range sight, usage ½ turns, continuous, effect paralyzed. If already paralyzed twice in same encounter, target is petrified.


Descriptions of the Springheel vary, as the few survivors of their attacks have been witless due to the speed and ferocity of the attack. Some report a tall, well dressed human, others a stunted and twisted dwarf, and still others some form of carnival performer. All agree, however, on the burning red eyes, wicked claws, and a maniacal smile and laughter. Springheels are solitary (or so eyewitness accounts would have you believe), and prefer to attack lone individuals, leaping away when confronted by multiple folk.

STR: 55 BP: 25 Rank: 2
DEX: 70 DR: 0 Nature: Evil
LOG: 50 INIT: 2
WIL: 60 MOV: 8 Travel: 10 leagues
  • Claws - 60%, damage 2D
  • Jumping - can jump a combination of up to 6 spaces vertically and 10 spaces horizontally; this is their preferred form of movement
  • Nocturne - disappears in a puff of blue-white smoke at sunrise

Steam Beast

Source: The Lair by Steve M.

Steam Beast
Amalgam of a fire and water elemental encased in glass.
STR 80 BP 120 Rank: 3
DEX 65 INIT 2 Nature: Evil
LOG 40 DR 10
WIL 60 MOV 8 Travel: 10 leagues

Claws - 85%, damage 2D and reduce targets DR by 1 permanently
Steam Blast - every 3rd turn, (line 5), effect 2D (bypass DR)
Fire Resistance - immune to fire both magical and normal.
Explosive - when destroyed, shards cause 3D damage to all adjacent foes and 2D to those within 4 spaces.
Insane - forced to servatude this creature has a chance to attack anything near it, even allies. The chance is equal to the current damage each turn.

Steam Beast are an amalgam of two minor elementals fused together in a reinforced glass apparatus originating from some elemental plane. At the heart of this beast are a minor water and fire elemental who has merged into one being with conflicting stability. Steam Beast are rumored to have been created by a race of elementalist to be used as guardians but quickly fell out of favor since they have a tendency to attack their owners when combat ensues. The are typically found guarding important places or roaming near ancient ruins in packs.


An odd critter, a swapper appears as a 4' floating sphere of pulsating flesh to which seven long feeler-like tentacles are attached. A swapper's feelers may extend up to 15' and retract to 3'. Each feeler is equipped with a wickedly sharp hook.

STR: 20 BP: 40 Rank: 3
DEX: 70 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 65 DR: 0
WIL: 45 MOV: 8 (fly) Travel: 10 leagues

  • Hook 65%, damage 2D + stunned
  • Swap - by using two of its hook attacks, a swapper may target two sentient beings for a “swap” (victims must be successfully hit). If both targets are hit, they effectively swap bodies. - range 0 (burst 3), usage 1/turn, duration 1D/2 days, resist LOG, effect each target will assume all the characteristics (stats) of the other.
  • Note: Should one of two swapped targets die before the effect's duration ends, the remaining target will be forced to live out the remainder of its life with the new characteristics of its swapping partner.


Creature Effects by ShadowStalker

Concept for Creature Effect = Swarm

I had this idea for managing creature swarms (mine was used as a murder of crows that was inhabited by a spirit):

Stat creature (rats, roaches, etc.) normally in terms of stats and abilities. Swarms are able to split, which allows them an additional attack. Each split does the following:

1. Reduce BP of each swarm by 1/2 from the original total
2. Reduce Damage by -1D for each split
3. Each swarm segment may independently attack a target

Swarm segments can split as many times as GM has BPs to distribute, noting that they become increasingly weak. Follow rounding conventions.

Swarm segments may also recombine into the main swarm, but the BP is only the sum of the remaining BPs after any damage, and damage is reduced by -1D or -2D if damage loss is >50% of BP from swarm's starting value.

The above keeps the math very simple.

Treacherous Treasure

At first glance, a treacherous treasure appears to be an envious pile of riches. In reality, a treacherous treasure is a large, slime-like creature which exudes a sticky film from its pores. Throughout its life-span, the slimy critter gathers up various coins, gems, and riches found within most dungeons. These objects stick to the slime's adhesive secretion, giving it the appearance of a pile of treasure.

STR: 70 BP: 40 Rank: 3
DEX: 40 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 5
WIL: 40 MOV: 6 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Slam -70%, damage 3D + prone
  • Deceptive Appearance - by staying perfectly still a treacherouse treasure will be indistinguishable from a pile of treasure. Will surprise its foes when "springing to life". usage 1/encounter, resist LOG, effect surprised.
  • Wealth - once the slimy beast is slain, it will take 1D/2 weeks for the adhesive film to lose its bonding properties. Only then may the adventurers claim the slime-beast's hoard.


A giant, rock burrowing worm

STR: 100 BP: 60 Rank: 3
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Varies
LOG: 40 DR: 4 (hide)
WIL: 50 MOV: 8 (15, tunnel) Travel: 15 Leagues
  • Acid Spit – 80%, range 8 (burst 4), usuage 1/3 turns, 2D (resist DEX one-half damage).
  • Bite - 60%, 3D, swallows target on critical success. Victim takes 4 BP/turn damage until freed or dead.
  • Crush – 50%, range 0 (line 10), 3D.
  • Surprise Attack - tunnelers can burst from underground and attack the same turn, resist LOG-40, effect surprised.


Small, sentient bundles of twigs and leaves.

STR: 20 BP: 15 Rank: 1
DEX: 60 INIT: 1 Nature: Varies
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 15 MOV: 15 Travel: 10 Leagues
  • Camouflage – -40% to checks noticing twigling when it is still.
  • Limb Lash - 45%, damage 1D.
  • No Face – twiglings do not have a front and back, so they may attack any direction equally well.
  • Susceptible to Fire - successful fire attacks do 1D extra damage.
  • Thorn Blast - 55%, range 0 (cone 5), usage ½ turns, resist DEX (for half damage), effect 2D piercing damage.

Twigling, Elder

Elder Twigling
A gnarled, shrub size tangle of thorny vines with flower blossoms.

STR: 20 BP: 30 Rank: 2
DEX: 50 INIT: 1 Nature: Varies
LOG: 40 DR: 0
WIL: 40 MOV: 10 Travel: 10 Leagues
  • Call Nature – summons local wildlife to its aid as a level 3 spellcaster.
  • Camouflage – -40% to checks noticing twigling when it is still.
  • Limb Lash - 45%, damage 1D.
  • No Face – twiglings do not have a front and back, so they may attack any direction equally well.
  • Potent Poseys – range 0 (burst 5), usage 1/3 turns, resist LOG – 20, continuous, effect 1D and unconscious.
  • Susceptible to Fire - successful fire attacks do 1D extra damage.
  • Thorn Blast - 55%, range 0 (cone 5), usage ½ turns, resist DEX (for half damage), effect 2D piercing damage.

Umber Hulk

Umber Hulk (Rank: 4)

STR: 90 BP: 50
DEX: 50 DR: 10
LOG: 35 INIT: 1
WIL: 60 MOV: 6 (burrow 8)

Claws 80% 3D+7
Confusing Gaze - range 5, duration continuous, resist WIL-40, effect dazed and surprised

Walrus Men

Bloated, blubbery humanoids with wickedly long tusks, walrus men inhabit arctic reagions. Walrus men are notoriously slow.

STR: 80 BP: 30 Rank: 2
DEX: 35 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 40 DR: 1
WIL: 65 MOV: 4 Travel: 5 leagues

  • By Weapon - 70%, damage +5
  • Tusks - 55%, damage 1D
  • Immunity - immune to cold and cold based attacks.

Wandering Hole

A wandering hole is a creature of anti-matter. In its expanded form, it resembles a 10'X10' hole running 10' to 50' deep (1/2D X 10'). The creature possesses the capacity to constrict its anti-mass to a 1/4" square. Contracting itself from a 10'X10' square to a 1/4"X1/4" square takes 1/2D turns. Expanding its form back to 10'X10' takes 1 turn. Upon death, a wandering hole returns to its expanded size of 10'X10'.

STR: 70 BP: 55 Rank: 4
DEX: 60 INIT: 4 Nature: Evil
LOG: 30 DR: 0
WIL: 50 MOV: 20 Travel: 20 leagues

  • Constriction -victims caught within a wandering hole have 1/2D turns to get out of the hole. Failure to escape the hole in this given time results in being crushed.
  • Immunity -may only be harmed by spells or magic items.
  • Surprise Appearance - Range 0 (burst 2), resist DEX -30, effect victim is sent falling into the wandering hole (see falling damage).

Note: The most common tactic used by wandering holes is to constrict themselves to their smallest size, then, as an adventurer walks above, the wandering hole expands, sending the victim plummeting down its depth (see BBF p.33 for falling damage). The wandering hole then compresses itself anew to crush the hapless victim.

White Lady

This tormented entity is the vengeful, rage-filled remains of a woman who died in torment, whether caused by another party or self-inflicted. They usually appear initially as a luminous and beautiful woman enticing any who see or hear her to come closer. Once approached, she reveals a terrible form that strikes any and all within sight unconscious and vanishes. Further, anyone who views her true visage is cursed to die a horrible death, and the only means of removing the curse is to attempt to right what wrongs were either done to or caused by the White Lady when she was alive.

STR: 0
DEX: 70
LOG: 60
WIL: 90
BP: 70
DR: 0
MOV: 12
Rank: 5
Nature: Evil

>> Doom: 120%, range sight, resist WIL-20, duration special, effect immediate unconsciousness and death by unrelated and unavoidable means in 1D days unless the White Lady's torment is relieved.

>> Resistance: half-damage from non-magical weapons.

>> Vanish: The White Lady cannot be permanently killed and if she loses all her BP she returns the following night with full BP. She can also elect to lose all her BP and vanish at will. Only relieving the source of her torment removes her presence permanently.

>> Night Terror: 90%, range special, resist WIL, anyone under the effects of Doom suffers 1D damage after any form of sleep and does not heal 2 BP naturally per day.

Wicked Orphan

Wicked Orphan
Diabolical street urchins.

STR: 30 BP: 10 Rank: 2
DEX: 60 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 40 DR: 0
WIL: 40 MOV: 8 Travel: 5 Leagues
  • Bite – 40%, 1/2D, disease transmitted on critical success, resist STR-20, continuous, effect Weakened.
  • Liar, Liar - orphans tell lies to lure victims into dark alleys where they attack enmass. Lies work same as Charm spell, resist LOG-20, effect surprised.
  • Sticks N Stones – 45%, 1D, orphans are masters of improvised weapons, either melee or thrown.


Wyrds are powerful spirits that inhabit elvin bodies. They usually appear as dark robed elves with glowing eyes. Wyrds produce brightly glowing spheres from their hand which they use to attack. These spheres may be used in either melee combat, or thrown as ranged weapons

STR: 0 BP: 40 Rank: 4
DEX: 75 INIT: 1 Nature: Evil
LOG: 50 DR: 0
WIL: 65 MOV: 13 Travel: 15 leagues

  • Glowing Sphere 70%, damage 4D, range 60
  • Immunity - only affected by spells or magic items.
  • Aura of Fear - range 0 (burst 4), duration continuous, resist WIL -10, effect victim is paralyzed with fear.