Character Race

New playable character races.


Aquatic hairless humanoid head and torsos on the tail of a shark, two large black eyes, shark-like mouths and fins on their backs.

» Add 10 to DEX.
» Aquatic vision - See 2x distance underwater.
» Infravision - 12 spaces sight using heat signatures in the
infra-red spectrum when light is not present.
» Bite - 2D+STR bonus.
» Thick hide - +1 DC.
» Shark immunity - Immune to disease.
» Move 12 (Swim).
» Speaks Adaroan and Tradespeak.


Large, rare brain-eating, woolly sloth-man with the head of an ant-eater and hooves, but they are not too significantly slow unless they want to be. They can't speak normally, but they are not impeded from intelligent interactions, but are primarily reclusive, typically maintaining only a couple of associates. But don't worry, he doesn't eat brains indiscriminately.


» Add +20 STR, -10 DEX.
» Vomeronasal organ - Can smell so well that he can perceive emotions and determine the chemical composition of any creature within 20 spaces, or any creature it is tracking within 2 hours, including sex, race, recent meals, injuries, diseases and more.
» Stillness - Can stay in one spot for days or move so slowly that it takes hours or even days to see progress.
» Claw - damage 2D +5
» Natural fur - +1 DR.
» Sloth immunity - Immune to poison.
» Move 6 spaces.
» Can't speak, but snorts, grumbles, growls and emits fear-inspiring screams.

[Image drawn by Paulo Italo requested by Christopher Kastensmidt, descrbed at I chose the adventurous version that Christopher rejected.]

Lapithian Centaur

Head, arms and torso of a lithe human and the body and legs of a tall, speedy riding horse. Lapithians are a civilized culture of centaurs that primarily hunt giant bulls. They are known for their human breastplates, horse armoring and use of ranged weapons.

» Add 10 to starting DEX.
» Magic Resistance (+10 resist magic).
» Negate course terrain.
» Unable to scale walls.
» Trample attack: DEX/Skill melee damage 3D and knocked prone. Duration 1 turn.
» Move 20 spaces for 1 league. (+1 league for each 20 over 50 STR.) Travel 15 leagues.
» Speaks Lapithian and tradespeak.


Rakshasa (Fem: Rakshasi)

Powerful oriental warriors and spellcasters with the heads of animals and the bodies of men. Rakshasas are shape-shifters of exceptional skill. They occasionally join the ranks of the local warlord. Rakshasas of the evil variety are often man-eaters, feasting in the heat of battle.

» Add 10 to starting STR.
» Illusion (may use the illusion spell as if skilled and improve it with DP, 1 for 1.)
» Shape-shifting (may change its shape into a normal man, into the animal of its head, into a centaur-like mix of the two, or grow extra limbs with a WIL check.)
» Lunar enhancement (+10 to special abilities at night.)
» Move 9 spaces.
» Speaks English and Rakshasa.


A large humanoid bear that stands upright and has a more defined humanoid form. Ursans are a reclusive, but fiercely loyal race. They are both mighty in battle and wise philosophers. They often prefer to fight with just their claws, even jumping onto their victims to maximize the damage, using their weight to indapacitate their opponents.

» Add +10 STR.
» Tree climber - Add +20 to climb trees.
» Maul - damage 3D+8.
» Ursine health - Add +20 BP.
» Thick hide - Add +2 DR.
» Move 11 spaces.
» Speaks Ursan and Tradespeak.


The head of a lion on a man's torso on the shoulders of a lion's body. Wemic are a noble and fierce warrior tribe with a long history. They are not unreasonable, but you do not want to cross them.

» Add +10 STR.
» Bite - damage 2D+10
» Claw - damage 3D
» Natural Fur - Add +1 DR.
» Lion's Roar - Opponents within 20 spaces must roll vs. terror.
» Move 12 spaces. Burst speed 15 spaces for up to 6 rounds, then 1 minute rest per round of burst speed.
» Speaks Wemar and Tradespeak.