New spells for those gifted in magic.

Spell Tips

This section contains tips for using existing spells to create fantastic effects for combat and other purposes. Along with the tips in this section, some homebrew spells can be rolled into existing spells or vice versa with GM approval.

Following is a sampling of such spells and uses:

Usage  Spell Effect
Drift  Transform  Transform into vapor/smoke
Ethereal Divide  Telekinesis  Split path of oncoming objects and powers
Reperception  Charm  Cause someone to form a new opinion by changing their feelings.
Resize  Dimensionation  Cause yourself or target to change size.
Restore  Time Dilation  Return an object to its former state.
Storage  Dimensionation  Transfer a set of items elsewhere to be retrieved.
Teleport  Dimensionation  Transport yourself or target via dimensional gateway.

Ethereal Divide (Telekinesis)

Use telekinesis to create an invisible wedge that deflects magical (of the same level or lower) and non-magical ranged attacks to the right and left or causes liquids or windblown gases, objects or particles moving toward the target to be parted. Cannot deflect attacks from multiple angles without casting multiple times.

Reperception (Charm)

Use the Charm spell to cause a target to reconsider their memories and form a new opinion based upon a feeling you implant in their mind.

Resize (Dimensionation)

Use Dimensionation to change the size of yourself or a target in sight by level larger or smaller for up to 1 hour times level. Resized objects are proportionately stronger or weaker, faster or slower in relation to their size. At 6th level, you may lose 10 STR to make it permanent.

Example: A 5th level magic user may increase their own size to be up to 5x their original size with 5x the STR and MOV, or decrease it to 1/5th their original size with 1/5th the STR and MOV.

[Option] Pushing Boundaries

An alternative rule could be to decrease your spellcasting success rate by 10 to increase its effectiveness by 1 level, even beyond 6th level.

BBF Core Spells

A handy table to roll which spell your Enchanter might have devised runes for. Note that this list includes spells that can be obtained from the BareBones Fantasy Spell Reference Cards.

D00 Result
00-04 Aid
05-09 Charm
10-14 Cleanse
15-19 Commune
20-24 Conjure
25-29 Control Weather
30-34 Dispel
35-39 Divination
40-44 Dominion
45-49 Entangle
50-54 Heal
55-59 Hinder
60-64 Illusion
65-69 Offensive Strike
70-74 Protection
75-79 Repel
80-84 Summon
85-89 Telekinesis
90-94 Transform
95-99 Transport


Range:....... 5 spaces per spellcaster level
Usage:....... 1/hour
Duration:.... Concentration
Resistance:.. none

Effect: Communicate verbally with a target (dead, alive, inanimate) as long as the target has the ability to communicate, even if it is in a language the caster normally would not understand. The communication is bidirectional. At spellcaster level 4 communicate with unintelligent plant and insect life, though only yes/no answers will be received. At spellcaster level 6 the caster can cast commune on himself permanently if he spends 10 STR, then the caster is always assumed to be using commune on all targets with which he communicates. Duration last as long as the spellcaster is concentrating. If cast on another spellcaster this spell allows telepathic communication even if they leave the spell's range during that duration. Being trapped within a wrought iron cage will cancel this form of communication as long as either caster is trapped.



Range: Touch/10 Spaces
Usage: 1/day per spellcaster level
Duration: varies
Resistance: varies

Effect: This spell allows the spellcaster to alter the dimensional basis of a target in some way.

It allows the caster to hasten a target. This adds twice the spellcaster's level to the target's MOV score and provides a bonus of +1 to the target's INIT score. He may also slow a target, which does the reverse effect (minimum MOV is 1, and if INIT is reduced to 0, assume the target always rolls a 1 on his initiative). Hastening or slowing a target lasts 1D turns plus spellcaster level and may be resisted with a STR-based resistance check.

At spellcaster level 3, the caster can create pocket dimensions to store things. Initially, this is limited to the size of a pocket or pouch, but at each level thereafter the pocket dimension's size increases: At level 4, it is the size of a backpack or large sack; at level 5 the size of a man; at level 6 the size of a small house. When creating a dimensional space, the duration is 1D+spellcaster level turns if done in combat, or 2D hours if cast outside of combat. From the outside, the dimensional space cannot be seen and has no weight so most casters cast it on an item so they can find it and carry it about (for instance, a pouch that holds as much as a backpack). At spellcaster level 6 the duration can be made permanent by spending 10 points of STR permanently.


Range: Self
Usage: Unlimited
Duration: 1 turn/level
Resistance:  None

Effect: You become a mist, floating dust, drifting smoke, fog, suffocating cloud or some other substance that can be ignored and may slip through cracks. Works as stealth. You may partially materialize or partially dematerialize with a successful roll. You may Drift at ½ MOV while in this state and seep through cracks large enough to let a draft through at ½ Drift rate. You cannot be struck by non-magical items, but you are subject to being recognized through a detection spell or they may notice unusual movement from your drifting form. Choose your form and density when casting the spell. Immunity to fire. Susceptible to being blown by wind speed vs ½ STR. When the effect ends, you must fully rematerialize. Canceling the effect is a free action requiring no roll.

The GM may choose to make this possible as part of Transform instead.


Range: Sight
Usage: 1/hour
Duration: Up to 1 turn/level
Resistance:  Caused by magic

Turn back the clock on an object. It does not matter how long it has been, you may return an object to its previous state by 1 turn per level as long as its state has remained unchanged since its last alteration. For instance, if a month ago a house exploded within 4 turns, a 4th level magic user may return it to its original state before its collapse. If, however, it took 5 turns, they could not affect it. All its parts must be unimpeded from returning to its original state or the spell will have no effect. The size of the object is not important.

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Range: Self
Usage: Unlimited
Duration: Instant
Resistance:  None

Effect: Storage allows you to store a number of portable packages (Not too heavy to carry) in an alternate dimension or other location equal to your skill level. You may store a number of items as a single package up to your skill level. Thus, at 1st level you may only store 1 item, while at 6th level, you may store a total of 36 items in 6 packages. You may conjure those items at any time. Storing and conjuring are separate actions. You may equip items automatically as long as you store them while equipped. Whatever body part they were equipped to before storage is the body part they will return to when conjured. You cannot conjure a package if any of its items cannot be conjured due to the equip slot already being occupied. In order for Armor to be stored as a single item, all of its components must be physically bound to each other somehow.

Time Dilation

Range: Self, + 1 person/level after 1st
Usage: 1/encounter
Duration: 1 turn/level
Resistance:  Time dilation

Effect: Move forward or backward in time by 1 turn per level, allowing the magic user to undo a mistake or fastforward to a pivotal moment to catch someone by surprise. Canceling the effect is a free action requiring no roll.

Slowing down time. Two magic users locked in combat going forward at the same faster rate would appear to be moving at the same rate faster than everyone else though would appear to be moving normally to each other. Everyone around them would appear to be going slower.

Speeding up time. The magic user will appear to slow down to everyone around them and everyone around them will appear to speed up to the magic user.

Reversing time. Everyone, including the caster, will appear to walk and fight backwards and any wounds or death anyone underwent in that time is undone. Once time has been reversed, a new timeline starts. Anything affected will be changed. Anything unaffected will continue as normal until affected by anything that was changed.