Race: Humans


Humans inhabit, mostly, in the southern regions of Glamourmoor. As mentioned earlier, their two kingdoms are named Rhedavion and York.

Humans on the island are of hardy stock, with skin tones that range from pale to light tan. Brown is the most popular eye color, though green, blue, gray, hazel, and yellow are represented in decent numbers as well. Hair color tends towards dark tones; fair hair being the least common. Red hair is fairly common, however.

Humans on the island tend to be not as down-to-earth as one might think. The island has good ties to the Sidhe (pronounced “SHEE”) and, as banal as Humans are, the effect on the Humans is evident. A Sidhe is more likely to present themselves to Glamourmoor Humans than ones from other lands.

Humans tend to form large communities – larger than most other races. Their need to gather so many of them in one place cause some concern with others , especially the Elves. They think that this can put a strain on the environment and strip the land's resources if not cared for.

Many Humans, however, are aware of this. Most foresters tend to replant what they cut down. Farmers practice crop rotation and establish efficient irrigation networks. The fact that the island has a lot of water resources helps here. Mines are cleaner – certainly cleaner than on the continent.


It is known by all the races in the land that everyone here ultimately came from somewhere else. It is believed that Humans that have migrated here – by choice or by chance – came from the same world, but from different areas and times. The Humans of Glamourmoor came from an island called “Britannia.” The people that settled here were transported by the Druids during a large and powerful ceremony to take them to another land, away from the Romanni. They found the island and decided to settle here. This was many generations ago and the Humans here are well at home here.

In other lands, other Humans from other cultures traveled here and settled in other places, mostly on the continent. They will be discussed later.

Humans here are still recovering from the Great Fiend War 20 years ago. Western Rhedavion has a scar from that war: The Desolation of Ixitcl is a blatant reminder of that conflict with the Denizens of the Netherworlds. It was during the battle that made the Scar where the king, King Gregory III, and the demon Ixitcl killed each other. The great battle drove the fiends off the island, and the war ended soon after on the continent. The people of Glamourmoor are now divided between the two brothers.

It wasn't like this at first. After the death of Gregory, the two brothers, fraternal twins Aldin and Forl, were not old enough to rule. They were raised by their mother, Queen Esma, then brought to the Church of Seaxneat for schooling. The two brothers became champions of the Church – Holy Warriors who dedicated to protecting the common folk from harm.

When it was time, Prince Aldin was crowned King of Rhedavion – which spanned across the southern part of The Island. King Aldin I declared his coronation day New Year's Day, Year 1RD (Rhedavion Date). This work uses this dating system for its time measurements.

In Fourmonth, 5RD, Prince Forl came to his brother about certain grievances that he, as well as certain other nobles, had with the policies the King had decreed since his coronation. The policies, the Prince proclaimed, were not for the good of the people; they only exist to strip authority from the nobility. The that all local laws and proclamations that the local nobles governed, or WERE governing, seemed to be converting to High Law. High Law were laws that are governed directly by the King and The Royal Moot – the noble body that had representatives from all the provinces that negotiated with the King.

The King claimed that he was guided by the wisdom of Seaxneat by protecting the people by directly governing them. The Noble Moot, the King argued, was an adequate check and balance for his decrees. The fact that many of these nobles, particularly the nobles from the eastern cities, were replaced by the King himself and seemed to always side with the King, was not lost upon Prince Forl and the western nobles. The King answered by saying that the only noble that was worthy enough to serve in the Moot was one that agreed with him anyways because only together can they ultimately protect the land and its people under the wisdom of himself, guided by Seaxneat.

Prince Forl was outraged by his brother's double-talking logic. On that day he, along with half the Moot, walked out of the Royal Palace – without the King's leave. The only reason they weren't stopped is because of the Prince. King Aldin wished no harm to his “misguided” brother; he believed that he would eventually see reason and come back – and righteously apologize to him.

A month later, after no word from the dissenters, the King led troops to the city of Portsmouth. He went to ensure that his laws were enforced and the city's governor, Duke Arlys, would submit to him. Instead, the Duke and 2,000 troops met him ready for combat.

The battle ended with the King withdrawing back to Lars. Two months later, he returned to Portsmouth to take the city and crush the Duke. To his dismay, he found out that it wasn't just Duke Arlys of Exeter, but ALL of the nobility in the western region of the kingdom were in active rebellion, led by Prince Forl. The Prince claimed his brother was misinterpreting the will of Seaxneat and misrepresenting the deity. King Aldin was, therefore, unfit to rule.

The civil war was in full swing. All cities west of Lars and Nexus declared independence from Rhedavion and declared Prince Forl their king. Prince Forl reluctantly took the throne. At first, King Forl only wanted to get to his brother and hope to show him what he is doing. By taking the crown, he knew there was no turning back; he HAD to win, at least to keep the western districts free.

King Forl made the city of York his capitol city. By default, the rebel state was named after the city. The King still hopes to be able to reconcile with his brother, but his hopes are failing...

It is now Firmonth, 15RD. Portsmouth was taken and its duke publicly executed and replaced by a loyalist in Year 8RD. Exeter was taken in 12RD, but Rhedavion's forces haven't been able to push further west as of yet. The front line has been drawn west of Exeter since.

Fighting has been going off and on over the ten years of the conflict. As of this year, it is in another lull. Travel between the two states is fairly easy at this time. Commerce has been reestablished over the borders. The situation, however, is FAR from over........

Playing Humans

The traits for Humans in Glamourmoor may be found in the DwD Studios book: Flesh & Blood. If playing a Human from Glamourmoor, use the physical descriptions above.