3.3: Genres and Settings

- Fey
- Sorcery
- Psionics
- Dreamscape

Choose a period and a year within the period and a location, then find out what rulership, if any, held sway in the region. If you choose a geographical empire, choose a year within its reign and look up a territory map online to find out what areas lie within its realm that year, as well as the geo-political struggles of the day.
- Stone Age
- Pre-Babylonian Empires (Sumerian/Akkadian/Ur, 4th to 2nd millenniums B.C.E.)
- Dark Ages/Feudal Europe (6th to 14th Centuries A.D. European Feudal Era/Roman Catholic Imperium)
- Edwardian Era(First European Renaissance)
- Elizabethan Era (Second European Renaissance)
- Feudal China (12th to 3rd centuries B.C.E.)
- Imperial China (3rd century B.C.E. to 1911 A.D.)
   -- Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.E.)
   -- Han Dynasty (202 B.C.E. to 220 A.D.)
   -- Late Feudal Period (220-589 A.D.)
   -- Chinese Renaissance (589-907 A.D.)
   -- Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907-960 A.D.)
   -- Song Hegemony (960-1234 A.D.)
   -- Jin-Song Dynasty (Including mongol invasion, 1234-1271 A.D.; also see Mongolian Hegemony)
   -- Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 A.D.; also see Mongolian Hegemony)
   -- Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.)
   -- Qing Dynasty (1655-1911 A.D.)
   -- Republic of China (1911 A.D. to present)
- Mongolian Hegemony (1206-1368 A.D.)
- Jomon Period (5th millennium B.C.E.* to 3rd century B.C.E.)
- Kofun Period (Early Imperial Japan 3rd to 7th centuries A.D.)
- Bushido Shogunates (8th to 19th centuries in Japan)
- Empire of the Sun (1868-1945 A.D. in Japan)
- Georgian Era (Pre-Industrial Europe and America)
- Nordic Confluence (From Finland [Originally part of Sweden] to the Americas in the Dark Ages, and possibly back to 5th millennium B.C.E.*; the founders of runic script.)
- Assyrian/Babylonian Empires (25th to 7th centuries B.C.E.)
- Egyptian Empire (16th to 11th centuries B.C.E.
- Macedonian Empire (7th to 2nd century)
- Hindian/Siamese
- Persian Empire
- Roman Empire
   -- Pax Romana (27 B.C.E. to 182 A.D., the attempted assassination of Commodus)
   -- Decline of the Roman Empire (182-285 A.D.)
   -- Western Roman Empire (285-476 A.D.)
- Franko-German Hegemony
   -- Frankish Empire (476-962 A.D.)
   -- The Holy Roman Empire (962 A.D. to 1493 A.D.)
- Byzantine Empire (A.K.A., the Eastern Roman Empire, 330 to 1246 A.D., succumbing to defeat by the Ottomans and annexation by the Mongolian Hegemony)
- Ottoman Empire (1299-1918 A.D., ushering in the modern age during the years of 1840 to 1863.)
- Pre-Classic Mayan Empire (3rd millennium B.C.E. to 1st century A.D.)
- Classic Mayan Empire (2nd century 10th century A.D.)
- Aztec Empire (1428-1521 A.D.)
- Colonial America
- Victorian Era (English New Industrial Age)
- Civil War (American New Industrial Age)
- Wild West (American New Industrial Age)
- Turn of the Century (American Industrial Age)
- World War I
- Roaring 20's
- The Great Depression
- World War II

* However romantic extremely ancient dates would be, due to the notoriously inaccurate assumptions of radio-carbon dating, the oldest contemporary records available for the time are chosen here as the determining element of earliest provable colonization.

- Bug Hunt
- Creature Feature
- Cthulhu
- Mega-giant Creatures
- Monster Mash-up
- Poltergeist
- Slasher
- Vampire
- Werewolf
- Weird Science/Fringe Science
- Zombie

- Autopunk (Road Wars)
- Military
- Spy
- Supers
- Urban Fantasy

Science Fiction
- Cyberpunk
- Mech Defense Force
- Planetary Exploration
- Post Apocalyptic
- Space Cowboys (Galaxy Rider)
- Space Fighter Defense Force
- Space Defense Fleet
- Space Piracy/Smuggling
- Space Exploration and Patrol
- Transhuman

- Atomicpunk (Flash Gordon/Iron Giant)
- Clockwork Punk
- Deiselpunk (World War II)
- Vactube Punk
- Gear Wars
- Airship

Wild West


In the place of guns, spellslingers walk the streets in dusters and cowboy hats ready to face off in a wizard's duel with wand or staff. When the duel begins, citizens clear the streets, close shops and watch wide-eyed from half-drawn store windows and balconies. Steam machines may come to life or holes may be blasted in store fronts. In the end, the local sheriff has a duty to uphold the law, or to at least keep civilians safe.

Science Fiction

Physics in the Far Future

What we know about the universe could fit on a single persacom. But what we know about it today is vastly more than what we knew a few hundred years ago, when mankind first ventured into the Earth's troposphere.

We once believed that the universe began with the explosion of a singularity and yet couldn't explain where the singularity came from. We now know that the space between the stars is constantly filling up with null particles. This and the continuous studies by the quantum supercompressor telescopes on our furthest exploration science vessels being unable to penetrate the static field that continues on to immesurable depths, shows us the near vast nature of the universe.

The universe is not only vast, it is as close to infinite as anything made of finite objects can get and so immeasurably ancient that tens of billions of galactic empires could have come and gone without a trace and ten billion more could exist at this very moment, but we will never come across more than a score of them before the light of all mankind fades from existence.

Time and space are so intrinsically linked to gravity that we now call it grav-space-time. (or "GST".) "String theory" is a mess hall joke on science vessels and the punchline for filthy minds. What was once called electromagnetism is now called the "constrained" form of "paragrav telemics". (or "CPT".) Don't worry, you won't be expected to use these terms.

Einstein's theory of relativity received new life through the thinking of astrophysicist and philosopher, Untamabutu, a professor from the African Federation at Cornell Geo-Stellar Sciences University almost two centuries ago. He reconciled Relativity to quantum mechanics and began new ways of thinking about both theories. From his thinking came the fundamental proofs by Ruden, Galer and Bien of the universe's occupying the same point and all points simultaneously, resulting in Trenbaum's fold theory, which in turn led to the fold drive at the Synecom Impulse, RC open conference on Rel 1286B half a century after the untimely death of Untamabutu.

Space Fighter Defense Force

Focus in on just a squadron of pilots from mission to mission or focus in on the duties of the individual pilots, navigators, gunners, engineers, tactical officers and ship captains.