Slime Dancer

Slime Dancer (Rank 3)

A lithe fey spirit of fetor and decay, appearing as an emaciated elf glistening with fever whose eyes have liquified.

STR: 60 BP: 40 Rank: 3
DEX: 85 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 55 DR: 5    
WIL: 70 MOV: 15 Travel: 12 leagues
  • Slash - 75%, damage 3D. If the slime dancer used Cess Step last turn it gains +1D of acid damage to this attack.
  • Cess Step - Move into a pool of stagnant water or an ooze-type monster and vanish. Reappear next turn next to a similar target.
  • Immunities - Immune to acid and falling damage.