Apotheocyst (Rank 4)

An abandoned and impossible ideal trying to claw its way back into the world. Manifests as a roiling distortion around which minds are subjected to new and indescribable sensations. Often accompanied by babbling cultists.

STR: 30 BP: 75 Rank: 4
DEX: 80 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 20 DR: 5    
WIL: 110 MOV: 15 Travel: 10 leagues
  • Unnerving - range 0 (burst 5), duration continuous, resist WIL-10, effect stunned.
  • Unfathomable - 80%, duration continuous, resist WIL-30, effect 1D (bypass DR) and paralyzed.
  • Ungoverned - Immune to charm and transform.
  • Unforgettable - Anyone paralyzed when the apotheocyst dies remains stunned until they receive a cleanse spell.