3.1: Magic Items

Magic Item Terms

Runes: The number of slots for runes available on an object.

New Magic Items

Bow of Casting - A wondrous weapon that looks like a bow with an invisible string, but the string energizes and produces energy arrows when pulled that perform the will of the user. The user gets the following spells at the level of the user's ranged weapon skill: offensive strike, divination and entangle. The arrows can also create a 5-space globe of light. (Note: It cannot produce permanent spells or permit the user to infuse other weapons with spells.)

Barrier Shield - A wondrous shield that protects its wielder and those behind them as the wall/dome effect of the telekinesis spell equal to the warrior level of the wielder. (Note: The spell cannot be applied permanently.)

Staff of Defense - A wondrous glowing gilded wooden quarterstaff (6') that reduces down to a 2' stick when not in use or extends to 10' to be used as a pole vault. It enhances the wielder's STR and DEX with +20 bonuses. When quickly spun in front of the wielder, it provides a wall defense the same as the telekinesis spell equal to the wielder's warrior level. It breaks non-magical weapons when striking. If the staff is broken, it need only be put back together and the parts will merge.

Club of Might - A wondrous indestructible club that appears as a simple top-heavy piece of timber. It grants its wielder +10 to melee attacks and does damage as a club enchanted with offensive strike equal to the warrior level of the wielder that triggers with an attack. When striking the ground, it can cause a localized quake, fissures and even crumbling earth.

Cloak of Invisibility - A major magical cloak that causes the wearer to become completely invisible when the hood is up. If torn, it loses its power until mended. (Note: The cloak does not hide foot prints, smells or sounds.)

Wizard's Cap - A major magical conical cap that allows a spellcaster to conjure objects (living or non-living) by pulling them out of the cap. The cap opens a portal the size of its rim, as from the 6th level teleport spell, to another area from which the wielder may pull any object that may fit through the rim. The wielder needs only to imagine what they want. However, for each spellcaster level below 6th, the spellcaster has a -10 chance for success. Failure means that the spellcaster pulls out an unwanted item. (Note: It cannot produce a portal larger than its rim and cannot establish a permanent portal.)