This is a catchall page for the various offerings of monk skills.

Monk by srpyle


This skill represents a melding of a character’s mental and physical discipline into a coherent and potent style of fighting, moving, and living.

Score: half Wil +10 per Monk level. Cannot be attempted unskilled.

» Pure Body

    » Resist Poison
    » Heal Self (once per day heal 1D BP on a successful check, 2D BP on a critical success, gain an additional use of this ability at each new Monk level, i.e., a 3rd level Monk would have 3 uses per day)
    » Ignore Environmental Effects.
    » Armor Prohibition (If the character wears armor of any kind, he loses the special abilities associated with this skill.)

» Pure Mind

    » Mental Resistance (Use your WIL check or Monk check to resist charm, illusion, etc.)
    » Resist Fear.

» Transcendent Body

    » Controlled Fall (ignore damage from falls of height equal to Monk skill or less)
    » Swiftness (+1 space to Move per Monk level)
    » Deflection (at level 3 and beyond ignore disadvantage against ranged attacks.)
    » Iron Fist (your body is a deadly weapon; you count as being armed for purposes of defending yourself in combat, you use your Monk skill to make attacks when fighting unarmed, and your unarmed strikes do 1D+1 damage [increases to 1D+3 at level 3, and 2D at level 6]. At level 4 and higher the monk’s unarmed attacks count as magic weapons.)

» Transcendent Mind

    » Impress (wise sayings, awe-inspiring display of prowess)
    » Charm Animals
    » Intimidate (demoralizing shout, stare down enemy).
    » Stunning Strike (Before rolling the dice the character may announce he is attempting this special unarmed strike, using his Monk skill for this attack. If his attack hits it does damage as normal and his target counts as stunned and can make normal resistance checks to remove the condition. Stunning Strike may be used a number of times per Encounter equal to the character's Monk level.)
    » Weapons Focus (When a monk is made the player must declare 1 weapon that fit the monk’s style--he may use his Monk skill as the basis for attacks with this chosen weapon.)