Rakshasa (Rank 3)

STR: 70 BP: 60
DEX: 60 DR: 5
LOG: 60 INIT: 2
WIL: 55 MOV: 8
Nature: Varies Travel: 10 Leagues

» Claw - 75%, damage 3D.
» Illusion - may use the illusion spell as if skilled and improve it with DP, 1 for 1.
» Shape-shifting - may change its shape into a normal man, into the animal of its head, into a centaur-like mix of the two, or grow extra limbs with a WIL check.
» Lunar enhancement - +10 to other special abilities at night.

Harvest: hide/fur, teeth, claws.

Description: Rakshasas (Fem: Rakshasis) are powerful oriental warriors and spellcasters with the heads of animals and the bodies of men. Rakshasas are shape-shifters of exceptional skill. They occasionally join the ranks of the local warlord. Rakshasas of the evil variety are often man-eaters, feasting in the heat of battle.