Rakshasa (Fem: Rakshasi)

Powerful oriental warriors and spellcasters with the heads of animals and the bodies of men. Rakshasas are shape-shifters of exceptional skill. They occasionally join the ranks of the local warlord. Rakshasas of the evil variety are often man-eaters, feasting in the heat of battle.

» Add 10 to starting STR.
» Illusion (may use the illusion spell as if skilled and improve it with DP, 1 for 1.)
» Shape-shifting (may change its shape into a normal man, into the animal of its head, into a centaur-like mix of the two, or grow extra limbs with a WIL check.)
» Lunar enhancement (+10 to special abilities at night.)
» Move 9 spaces.
» Speaks English and Rakshasa.