Anyone should be able to ride a horse, just like anyone today can drive a car. However, when you get into tense situations like chases scenes or mounted combat you need to be skilled in order to handle the situation.

  • For combat you need at least one level in Warrior, anytime you attack, charge, etc. Below is a list of suggested actions warriors might use during battle. It's a bit crunchy but offers a some flavor to mounted combat.
  • For non-combat you need at least one level in Scout, anytime you want to calm, befriend, command the mount, etc. This is simply a Scout skill check, I couldn't think of specific situations.
  • If you do not have the skill, you can use a half-ability check to accomplish a reasonable action determined by the GM.

Attacking from horseback
For each level in Warrior

  • Mounted Combat - gain +5 to hit and damage.
  • Charge - gain +10 to hit and damage to a single target, mount must move at least 3 spaces.
  • Shooting from horseback - negate the penalty by +5.
  • Dismounted - gain +5 to remain mounted in situations that threaten to dismount the rider.

Shooting from horseback -20
Shooting from horseback while moving -40

Spears & Lances
Divide the STR of the mount by 5, this is the bonus damage caused when charging. For instance a horse-sized-plant-eater has 40 STR, it would cause an additional +8 damage (40/5 = 8)

  • Spear 2D+2
  • Lance 3D