An odd critter, a swapper appears as a 4' floating sphere of pulsating flesh to which seven long feeler-like tentacles are attached. A swapper's feelers may extend up to 15' and retract to 3'. Each feeler is equipped with a wickedly sharp hook.

STR: 20 BP: 40 Rank: 3
DEX: 70 INIT: 2 Nature: Evil
LOG: 65 DR: 0
WIL: 45 MOV: 8 (fly) Travel: 10 leagues

  • Hook 65%, damage 2D + stunned
  • Swap - by using two of its hook attacks, a swapper may target two sentient beings for a “swap” (victims must be successfully hit). If both targets are hit, they effectively swap bodies. - range 0 (burst 3), usage 1/turn, duration 1D/2 days, resist LOG, effect each target will assume all the characteristics (stats) of the other.
  • Note: Should one of two swapped targets die before the effect's duration ends, the remaining target will be forced to live out the remainder of its life with the new characteristics of its swapping partner.