Character Concepts

The following is provided as template to help Players and GMs use the core skill system to build a character concepts.

Concept name: name for the character concept. Example: Elven Physician
Concept blurb: one or more paragraphs detailing the concept. Example: Traveling throughout the kingdoms you have the privileged of treating many elf, dwarf, halfling and human aliments... Your healing comes from knowledge, not magic.
Development: Placing your primary +20, secondary +10 and level. Describing what skills and abilities to spend DP on. Example: Place +20 and level in scholar, place +10 in scout. At scholar level 2, record your career path as "physician". Ask the GM to use your scout skill to gather healing herbs.
Goals: Any goals this concept may want to reach. Example: To record your findings so that others can learn how to treat aliments using natural cures.
Role-Playing Tips: - suggestions how to role-play and act out the character concept. Example: You carry so many items they are strung to the outside of your backpack (drying herbs, vials of liquid, etc.) You have compassion on the sick and want to learn about as many aliments as you can, even dissecting or trying to treat monster creatures. You believe any aliment can be naturally cured, turning your nose up at magic healers.

Holy Defender

The order you belong to trains and equips it's members to defend the defenseless, to set right the wrongs, to fight the darkness. You've mastered them all and now have been sent to quell the oncoming storms of the dark!

Background: Your father and his father served the order under the banner of the Queen of Blades. Their glory was not for themselves but for Mangrilar the Blind Justicar! You recently completed your training and are ready to serve the kingdoms.

Development: Start with +20 in Cleric and +10 in Warrior. Place your first level in Cleric. Pick a favored weapon but don't stop there. Your training required you to use many weapons and armor. You rush into battle with a holy cry, chose either a defensive stance and take a shield or an offense stance and take a two-handed weapon with high damage output. Begin by placing levels in Cleric and Warrior but don't forget your STR to compensate for heavy armor. Take aid and protection and cast on yourself during combat. Heal comes in handy after a battle or when a ally falls near your position. Repel will allow you to protect your allies and yourself form certain foes.

After raising your skills to level 3 consider picking up training as a Leader, this skill is not only a boon to your build but also aids your allies.

Character Goals: To find and wipe out evil. To defend those in need, to rally others to your cries for justice.

Role-Playing Tips
You are eager for a fight, sometimes rushing to stomp out evil before thinking out a calculated plan. You give loud holy battle cries when engaged with enemy forces. After dispatching a foe your thank your patron deity. After a battle you drop to a knee and pray, seek out the dieing and offer a prayer.

Human Priest

The people of the kingdoms need your comfort and guidance. To a chosen few you even bring some enlightenment. You know how to take care of yourself in the wilderness traveling form city to city as a wandering holy soul.

Wandering Soul

Background: It got a little to cozy in the regimented lifestyle of your order. When you heard the cry of needy people you left the secure walls of the monetary and began wandering the countryside. Maybe because your god asked you to, or a voice from deep inside called you to a different purpose.

Development: Start with +20 in Cleric and +10 in Scholar. Place your first level in Cleric. Pick a favored weapon, something you will use for a lifetime. You don't necessarily need the warrior skill right away since you can use Smite with your favored weapon. Chose either aid, cleanse or heal as your starting spell, your focus is to help people. Next consider placing levels in Scout, you are a traveler and scouting will help you find game, build shelters and navigate between cities.

WIL and LOG are important, after gaining level 3 in your skills consider boosting these abilities. DEX is also important to defend yourself, your really not out to kill people. You might want to pick up a shield as well. Stay with light armor that allows you to be nimble on your feet.

After obtaining level 6 in Cleric offer your services to cleanse areas in the kingdom from evil magic, undead, etc. Although this leaves your week the price is small compared to the aftereffects.

Character Goals: You heard the call of the need but perhaps you are also searching for something specific, or mysterious. Maybe you are not sure what you seek or what the wandering path will lead you to at the end. Consider choosing Beoth as your patron deity and having the GM weave whispers from him to "find one's way".

Role-Playing Tips
You are quiet, reserved, mostly observing before acting. Maybe you look down on the wealthy who spurn those of lesser-fortune. You help without thinking, without accepting gold, however you have no place to call home or rest your head so a meal and a warm bed come in handy. You give foes a chance to turn their ways, you don't want to kill, but you will if you have to.


You are a member of a group of traveling poets reciting and performing compositions of your _______ society/city/village/etc. You find traveling with others (merchants, sword for hire, adventuring parties, etc.) not only keeps you safe but you have a captive audience. In times of need you can lend a sword. Your society sends you on a mission, to enlighten and teach others the ways of _________.

Scholar +20 High Scholar career path: Skald, Language ________.
Warrior +10
Place level in Scholar

Suggested Descriptors
Poet and don't know it, Always has pen and ink, Wears feathered hats, Answers in rhymes, Always starts answer with "Have you heard of my ______."

Scholarly knowledge is important to your character concept, but so is surviving in these dangerous times. Spend your first 3 DP and take a level in Warrior. Next raise your Scholar to level 2. Ask the GM if you can recite poetry in town to help earn a living while teaching others the ways of your society. Depending on your adventures you might lean towards role-playing; increase LOG and Scholar along with WIL. If you find yourself in a lot of fights consider levels in thief. Hide from enemies, your stories must be told!

Character Goals
Spreading knowledge of your societies history throughout the lands. At rank 4 consider traveling to your homelands and taking on an apprentice. At rank 6 gather homelanders and build a castle dedicated to the historical teachings of your society.