Creeping Death

Creeping Death (Rank 5)

 STR:   NA   BP:   20/ft² 
 DEX:   NA   DR:   0 
 LOG:   65   INIT:   2 (in miasma) 
 WIL:   110   MOV:   7 in miasma 
 Nature:   Pure Evil   Travel:   spreads 4" an hour in flesh 

» Bite - touch 80%, damage 1D/5
» Parasitic - touch 80%, damage 1D/hr, duration constant while active, resist none, effect Necrotic damage
» Homogeneity - The creeping death gets the effect of any spell affecting the host, and the host gets the effect of any spell affecting the creeping death.
» Madness - Host must make check vs. madness every hour, duration constant while active, resist WIL.

Harvest: None.

Description: This horrific creature, born from the miasma of pure evil, grabs hold of the extremities of a victim and then gradually and painfully works its way to the heart and brain, eventually killing its host. As it infects its host, the mouths of all manner of men and beast growl, hiss, bark, bleat and whale constantly in the host’s flesh wherever the creature remains active. (See Infect ability.) The creeping death can also infect objects and is often set as a trap within treasure chests, or used as protections to keep people from opening an infected treasure chest to acquire the treasure within. One may also become infected if coming into contact with a miasma of pure evil. It can split off offspring by choice to any available person or thing with which it comes in contact. Can spread at 4 inches per hour. It can also lie dormant. Once active, it becomes visible. Its intelligence is chaotic, like that of a high functioning mad man and may be used as a source of information. It constantly seeks to corrupt the mind of its host both by its presence and by its verbal temptations and mockery. The cleanse spell has no effect.