Breathdrinker (Rank 4)
STR 45 BP 50
DEX 70 DR 5
WIL 65 MOV 30 (fly)

Hurled Object - 80%, damage 3D
Whirlwind Attack- range 0 (burst 1), resist STR (knock back), effect 2D, knocked back 2D spaces and knocked prone.
Gaze of Fear - 65% duration continuous, resist WIL-30, effect paralyzed in fear.
Drink Breath - 65% resist STR-30, effect living target loses 3D BP as it's sucked into Breathdrinker who gains the same amount of BP. BP can not be raised higher than starting BP.
Invisibility - resist LOG-40, effect Illusion spell masks the Breathdrinker from sight. Last 4D turns.

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