Gooey Square

A gooey square is, for lack of a better description, a big gelatinous cube. Semi-translucent in coloring, gooey squares are always found in dungeons where they wander about, picking up all manner of discarded items which they suck within themselves.

STR: 50 BP: 45 Rank: 3
DEX: 10 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 0 DR: 0
WIL: 5 MOV: 5 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Slam 60%, damage 4D
  • Semi-Translucent - attempts to detect a gooey square are made at -20.
  • Engulf - 45%, Range 0, resist DEX, duration continuous, effect victim completely engulfed within the gooey square and suffers 1D acid damage while engulfed.
  • Paralysis - range 0, usage after a slam attack or while engulfed, resist STR, duration continuous, effect paralyzed.