Blobs are kin to slimes, jellies, puddings, and goos. Although there are various types of blobs (determined by color), all blobs share the same common characteristics. Physically, blobs stand around 2 to 3 feet in height and are roughly spherical in shape.

STR: 45 BP: 10 Rank: 1
DEX: 30 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 10 DR: 0
WIL: 20 MOV: 4 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Slam 40%, damage 1D+1
  • Immunities & Vulnerabilities - because of the gooey nature of their bodies, blobs take half damage from blunt weapons such as maces or hammers. Lightning does double damage.
  • Merge - 2 or more blobs may take one turn to merge their bodies into one bigger blob. Add each individual blob's BP to arrive at the newly merged blob's new BP total. Slam damage increases by +2 per additional blob.

Note: Due to the lack of gelatinous adversaries in BBF, I have a sinking suspicion that either Bill or Larry underwent some traumatic experience with silly putty or play-doh in the past. Guess i'll just have to remedy the lack of gooey opponents ;)