Bag of Teeth

A bag of teeth is a deceptive looking little critter. At first glance, the creature looks like a pouch of coins. Its insides, seen when one opens the "pouch", resemble coins of gold. As one inserts his hand within the creature to retrieve the gold within, the critter razor-sharp teeth spring open around the pouches opening, and clamp down on the victim's wrist.

STR: 50 BP: 5 Rank: 1
DEX: 25 INIT: 1 Nature: Neutral
LOG: 5 DR: 0
WIL: 5 MOV: 2 Travel: 5 leagues

  • Bite 55%, damage 1D+1
  • Clamp Down Bite - 75%, range 0), usage hand must be in pouch, resist STR -10, duration continuous, effect +1D damage.