Vigilant Order (Sect of Dominar)

Vigilant Order (Sect of Dominar)
Symbol: White Skull with Black Sword on forehead, tip down, on a black field. The skull can be silver in special situations.

Vigilant Order Ranks

  • Watcher
  • Guardian
  • Sentinel
  • Warden
  • High Warden

Favored Weapon: Folding Scythe (Halberd)

The Vigilant Order hunts down and puts undead to rest. They also put down necromancers. They tend to wear black cowled robes with the symbol of the Vigilant Order on the front of the cowl and on the back of the robes. They are made aware of new missions typically by Dove Rune Scrolls sent from the High Warden who communes with Dominar and his agents to locate undead targets.

Members of the Vigilant order are encouraged to learn how to heal (to prevent undeath in the firstplace), track and are expected to study (Scholar) the lore of their foes.


Agrimar the Bonesplitter, holy relic of Dominar
This glaive has a black wood handle with silver studs, the blade is made of steel painted black with the symbol of Dominar on each side of the blade. The edge of course is shiny and sharp. White flames is the trapping of the power.

This weapon is blessed by gods and uses the rank of the wielder to determine its effects. First, when picked up the weapon binds itself to the wielder.
Cause 1D +1D per rank radiant damage (damge to undead only) each day. The damage can be broken up into multiple attacks. When you hit a foe choose how much radiant damage you want to cause the target. For instance if you have a level 3 cleric skill gain 4D radiant damage each day. Strike a foe and cause an additional 2D radiant damage (plus your weapon) saving 2D for another attack.

Changing Wielders:
Only a priest of the same order as the god can remove the binding. Otherwise a dead wielder of Agrimar will hold onto it until a new member of the Vigilant Order claims it from him. Such an individual utters the words "Unwavering Vigilance" and the former owner will open his bony grasp.