By The ChaosGrenade

Score: 1/2 WIL + 10 x Level

Bound By Darkness: A Shadowmancer's power is tied to darkness. When in full darkness, starlight, or any other level of darkness that would necessitate a torch for one to see, the Shadowmancer receives a +20 bonus to performing any spells tied to this skill. When exposed to daylight or well-lit conditions, however, they instead suffer a -20 penalty towards their magic.

Dark Magic: A Shadowmancer may learn one of the following spells per level: Charm, Conjure, Dominion, Entangle, Hinder, Illusion, Telekinesis, or Transport.

Shadowy Tricks: The Shadowmancer uses Low Magic much like the Spellcaster skill, except they can create a 5-square orb of Dimming (not complete darkness, but reduces light levels) and other visual tricks associated with shadows or darkness.

Shadowstep: The Shadowmancer is capable of crossing across shadows, entering one and emerging at another. They may make their standard move actions without any obstruction or complication from terrain, opponents, or any other hindrances. In complete darkness or low-lit areas, this effect is practically like teleportation. In well-lit conditions, the GM may rule the Shadowmancer is incapable of stepping. The middle of an open courtyard at noon would hinder them; but the shadows of an alleyway at dusk may prove a favorable slip.